Fast and pray: Former senator tells Supreme Court judges over conflicting letters on Tinubu’s certificate


Advocates Divine Intervention in Tinubu Certificate Saga

Former Kaduna central lawmaker, Shehu Sani, has urged judges of the to turn to prayer and seek divine guidance to discern the authentic certificate of .

This plea comes in light of the Supreme Court’s recent revelation of conflicting letters from (CSU) regarding Tinubu’s educational credentials.


Justice John Okoro, heading the seven-member panel overseeing Atiku Abubakar’s application against President Tinubu’s victory, emphasized that in criminal matters, proof beyond reasonable doubt is essential.

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However, in this instance, the conflicting CSU letters pose a significant challenge.


Reacting to this development, Shehu Sani took to his verified X (Twitter) handle on Tuesday, October 24, proposing a spiritual approach.

He suggested, “If the Supreme Court received two conflicting letters from Chicago, the best thing for them is to go into fasting for three days; on the third day, God will show them the genuine one in a dream. We are a prayerful nation.”


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Sani’s recommendation underlines the gravity of the situation and the potential need for divine intervention to resolve the certificate controversy surrounding President Tinubu.

The call for spiritual guidance reflects the significance placed on this issue within the context of ’s legal and political landscape.

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