Fire Destroys N8 Billion Properties In Cross River

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Fire Service Commanding Officer Have stated that over N8 Billion Naira worth of property have been razzed down from January to October

From January to October 26, according to the Federal Fire Service, fires in destroyed property worth more than N8 billion.

Mrs. Olumayowa Olomola, the commanding officer of the Federal Fire Service’s Calabar Command, made this known in Calabar on Thursday.

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13 inferno occurrences that were recorded within that time period, according to the commanding commander, led to destruction.

She claimed that three people were harmed and one person died as a result of the incidents.

She cited the cost of a transformer at the TCN 33 KVA sub station line at Adiabo, Calabar, which was completely destroyed by fire in August as an illustration of the worth of the destroyed properties.

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The Airtel mast near the governor’s office was also damaged by the fire event at Marian Fruits Market, which also affected around 13 lock-up businesses with products.

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Additionally, she added, “We responded to two fire incidents at the University of Calabar, one at a Catholic school, and one mobile base transformer.”

Despite claiming that the command dealt with the occurrences quickly, Olomola pointed out the difficulties the Service was facing in Cross River.

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She specifically cited the high cost of diesel and the absence of water tankers and ambulances as obstacles to their effectiveness.

“We still face difficulties with crowds swarming fire scenes, which frequently prevents us from getting in.

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The majority of the time, a few people in the crowd are trying to steal from the fire incident.

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The issue of traffic and the travel time to fire scenes is another one, she added.

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