Founding Member of APC Dumps Party Amidst Campaigns


Ex- commissioner, Ajumbe dumps , give reasons for action

Ex-Commissioner for Information and Tourism under former Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha, , has provided the explanation for why he left the All Progressives Congress (APC) and stopped participating in active partisan politics.

Professor Ajumbe, a founding member of the ruling APC in Nigeria, hinted at the reasoning behind his decision in a letter to Senator Hope Uzodinma, the current governor of Imo, which was forwarded to newsmen on Friday.


In the letter, Professor Ajumbe accused the national leadership of the APC of giving its local leadership inadequate rewards.

He claimed that despite his enormous sacrifices, as well as his financial and emotional support for the growth of the APC, the party had relegated him to the background and that the national leadership had done nothing to recognize him.

The Southeast chieftain explained that he had only benefited from a number of ministerial and board appointments during the previous administration of former Governor Rochas Okorocha in 2015 based on merit and roles he played to ensure the ex-governor emerge victorious during his second term election.


Listing the appointive positions as chairman of the Management Committee of the Imo Broadcasting Corporation, commissioner for Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), and commissioner of the Imo State Development Fund.

Ajumbe further emphasized that the country’s ruling party has failed to compensate him for his enormous sacrifices on behalf of the APC with a lucrative and deserving job since the current APC-led in Nigeria took office.


The former commissioner regretted spending over N5 million of his own money trying to keep appointments with the governor who did not honour them.

He also recalled his numerous private meetings with Senator Hope Uzodinma, the current governor of Imo state, at Owerri without actually meeting with him.



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He said in the letter, which was only partially legible, that “your Excellency, you made it difficult for us to meet so that I could submit my reports for the responsibilities you gave me.


You had invited me to meet with you at Owerri on a number of occasions. Without ever meeting you, I would spend my money on travel arrangements such as hotels and plane tickets. I have spent more than N5 million of my own money attempting to keep our unreliable appointments.

“Your Excellency, I have decided to stay out of the APC and party politics rather than wasting money in this way.


I am aware that individuals who endure hardships on behalf of the APC are not ultimately rewarded.

On behalf of President Buhari, Yobe State Governor Mai Mala Buni, who was also the APC’s National Chairman, named and inaugurated me as a member of the party’s think tank committee on May 25, 2021.


This role is primarily consultative, serves to clean up the public image, and is unpaid.

“At 62 years old, I am quite an experienced person with little wants. For the sake of my children, the unborn, and the Imo people, I only endeavour to ensure excellent administration in the state of Imo.

Without belonging to a political party, I can accomplish my goals thanks to the number of national contacts I have built up over the years.


“For those who recognize my worth, I wish to continue serving as a political advisor. I am always willing, if requested, to lend value to your administration in any way, free of charge, to help my state (Imo) have good governance. I am an elder statesman of this state, Imo, who wants to see it progress.

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