How Godwin Emefiele allegedly ‘gifted’ FHC Judge armored vehicle, cash for frustrating arrest


Godwin : A Justice of the Federal High Court (FHC) in Abuja reportedly received an armored car and cash gifts for failing to stop the Department of State Security Service’s (SSS) attempts to detain Godwin Emefiele, which has undisputed authority in the matter.

According to sources familiar with the transaction, Emefiele gave the judge the car and an undisclosed sum of money last week.

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Emefiele has been on the secret police’s radar due to allegations of corruption and financing terrorism.


Remember that the DSS requested Emefiele’s arrest in a request to the Federal High Court in December 2022.

Justice John Tsoho’s court received this order.

Justice Tsoho criticized the DSS motion, charging the security agency with violating the rules in an additional effort to allegedly stall the legal process, which, according to reliable sources, was an effort to buy Emefiele more time.


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In a decision dated December 13, 2022, Justice Tsoho stated that the secret police had failed to prove its allegations against the nation’s central bank chief.

The head of the Nigerian Federal High Court system ruled on the ex-parte application on December 9 and stated, “The entire affidavit depositions…purport that preliminary investigation has revealed various acts of terrorism financing, fraudulent activities perpetrated by the respondent, and his involvement in economic crimes of national security dimension.”

These are undoubtedly serious accusations, but the applicant hasn’t offered any hard proof to back them up.


The judge further stated that before filing allegations in court, the SSS had not provided any proof of President Muhammadu Buhari’s consent.

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