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How Police Commission Forcefully Retires Four DIGs, Appoints New Ones

Nigeria Police Ranks and Salary Structure

Police Service Commission Orders Retirement of Four Deputy Inspectors-General of Police.

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has taken decisive action by directing the immediate compulsory retirement of four Deputy Inspectors-General of Police (DIGs). The four affected officials are Dan-Mallam Mohammed, Moses Ambakina Jitiboh, Hafiz Mohammed Inuwa, and Adeleke Adeyinka Bode.

The PSC’s decision stemmed from the failure of these senior police officers to retire after the appointment of Kayode Egbetokun as the acting Inspector General of Police (IGP). According to PSC spokesman Ikechukwu Ani, this directive is in line with the Commission’s statutory powers as outlined in the Third Schedule, Part 1 M, para A & B of the 1999 Constitution, along with Section 6 of the Commissions (Establishment) Act 2001, para a, c, d, e, & f.


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Ani explained that the PSC had initially expected these DIGs, who were of higher rank before Egbetokun’s appointment, to voluntarily retire. This expectation aligns with the established tradition of discipline and regimented culture within the Nigeria Police Force. However, as no such applications were received, the PSC deemed it necessary to enforce the retirement in order to maintain discipline within the police force and discourage any reversal of status that could compromise the authority of the Inspector General.

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In response to the retirement of the four DIGs, the PSC has also approved the promotion of four Assistant Inspectors-General of Police to the rank of DIGs. These promotions, subject to ratification by the commission’s board, are intended to fill the vacancies left by the retired officials. The newly appointed DIGs, namely Ibrahim Sani Ka’oje, Daniel Sokari-Pedro, Ayuba Ekpeji, and Usman Nagogo, have been selected based on their respective geopolitical regions and their lack of pending disciplinary matters or serious medical conditions.

This move by the Police Service Commission reflects the commitment to maintaining hierarchy, discipline, and organizational structure within the Nigeria Police Force, as well as upholding the principles of accountability and authority.

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