I feel your pain, sacrifice a little more for fuel subsidy removal – Tinubu tells Nigerians

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu Acknowledges Hardship Caused by Fuel Subsidy Removal


In his June 12 Democracy Day address to the Nigerian people on Monday, President Bola Tinubu openly acknowledged that the recent removal of fuel subsidies has brought about hardships for the general public. While empathizing with the pain experienced by the masses, he emphasized the necessity for further sacrifices in order to advance the nation as a whole.



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President Tinubu explained that the temporary discomfort resulting from the elimination of fuel subsidies was a crucial step towards safeguarding the country from potential collapse. He expressed his understanding of the burdens this decision places on the ordinary citizens, stating, “I share in your suffering. This is a choice we must bear in order to rescue our nation from the brink of disaster and liberate our resources from the grip of a handful of unpatriotic individuals.”


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The President candidly admitted that the subsidy removal would impose an additional burden on the people, but emphasized the importance of their sacrifice for the survival and prosperity of the nation. He called upon his fellow citizens, saying, “Regrettably, I have appealed to you, my compatriots, to endure a little more for the preservation of our country.”


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President Tinubu’s acknowledgement of the hardships caused by the fuel subsidy removal indicates an understanding of the challenges faced by the Nigerian populace. By urging them to bear the short-term burden for the long-term benefit of the nation, he appeals for unity and collective sacrifice to overcome these difficult times.



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