Insecurity – See How Adeboye Said it could be Resolved

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: Prayer best solution, says Adeboye in

Pastor , General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has stated that prayer is still the best way to bring about peace in and put an end to the Boko Haram insurgency in the country’s North-East.

On Thursday, Adebayo visited Usman Kadafur, the deputy governor of Borno, at the Government House in Maiduguri as a courtesy.

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Adeboye arrived in the region on Wednesday and encouraged believers “to seek the face of God over the situation of security and other difficulties affecting the nation.

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“To end the threat, a combination of physical and spiritual combat had become necessary.”

Adeboye claimed that in order to combat Boko Haram and other extremist organisations posing a threat to Nigeria’s peace and security, “spiritual” involvement was required in addition to the present counterterrorism initiatives.

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There are issues that are beyond the scope of human intelligence; it requires the intervention of God to convince some of these bandits to turn themselves in.

“Because even if you give them everything, some of them might still turn away and resume their original behaviour.

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“We are here to pray outside. I have been in prayer with my church. We have been praying for the land since Wednesday, and I think God wants me to go there and weep and pray for it,” he stated.

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Maiduguri was the 16th location where Adeboye’s church gathered , he said.

“We travelled all over the world. Worldwide, there were 196 locations for the church.

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“Sir, I thank the omnipotent God for this encounter as this is my first visit to Maiduguri in my life. I have wanted to arrive much earlier, but for some reason it has not been feasible.

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“My wife and I, along with a few of our colleagues, have come here to personally witness the amazing work that the governor and his fantastic government have been accomplishing in spite of extremely challenging circumstances.

“We think this government could have done a lot more for the people if things had been simpler.

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