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Ivara Esege Biography: All You Need To Know About Chimamanda’s Husband

For those who don’t know, Chimamanda Adichie is married to Ivara Esege, a Cross Riverian hailed from Itigidi, Abi Local Government Area...


All You Need To Know About Chimamanda’s Husband, , Net Worth, Child, Other Updates


Many people would easily know who is; of course, she Is one of the best Nigerian female writers who is doing well for herself beyond the country’s shore. One of her notable books is Half Of A Yellow Sun.


Chimamanda Adichie Biography, Net Worth, Letter To Biden, Personal Life, Controversies
For those who don’t know, Chimamanda Adichie is married to Ivara Esege, a Cross Riverian hailed from Itigidi, Abi Local Government Area and a British-American medical doctor based in the US.

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While a quick search would provide you with everything about Chimamanda, little is known about her husband.


For this reason, this article is focused on everything to know about Ivara Esege


Ivara Esege Biography, Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Ivara Esege
  • Also known as: Dr. Ivara Esege
  • Born: 4th of August 1967
  • Age 54 in 2021
  • Birth Place: Southeast
  • State Of Origin: Cross River State
  • LGA: Abi Local Government Area 
  • Nationality: Nigerian and British-American
  • Occupation: Medical Doctor
  • Spouse: Chimamanda Adichie
  • Net Worth: $2m-$25million
  • Ivara Esege’s Biography


He was born on the 4th of August 1967 in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria; there are no details of his parents.


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However, the reports revealed that, unlike Chimamanda Adichie, he is not Igbo, but he is a Nigerian. His father was said to have worked as a doctor and was a close friend of Chimamanda’s parents; also, his sister was a good friend of the writer’s sister. So, their relationship can be said to have been close for a long time.



Ivara Esege Education

Ivara graduated from the University of Nigeria Faculty of Medicine in 1989 and spent another two years at the Teaching Hospital of the same university.


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He later moved to the United States, and in 1995, he completed his postgraduate training at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC).


He is a Family Doctor and also holds the certificate of Clinical Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the institution and was certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine in 2009


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His Marriage with Chimamanda Adichie. 


Since they already knew each other due to the bond between their families, they went on to marry in 2009, but there are no photos from their wedding ceremony available online as Chimamanda, even though a public figure, keeps her personal life private and away from the media.


This was why many people never realized she was married.


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Ivara Esege Children 

Chimamanda is so secretive about her personal life that she kept her pregnancy a secret, and no one knew anything until the couple welcomed their baby, whose name is unknown in 2016.


The report revealed that Chimamanda, who is a feminist ensures there is equality in her household, and this was visible after she gave birth to her daughter. According to the reports, Ivara was a stay at home dad for the first six months. The childcare was also shared evenly; while Ivara worked three days a week, Adichie, on the other hand, worked the remaining four.


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Ivara Esege Net worth

Dr Ivara Esege is reportedly worth $5 million, which comes from his profession as a medical doctor.


Ivara Esege is supportive of his wife and doesn’t mind the fact she is a feminist. In a show of support, in 2017, he joined the Women March in Washington

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