Man Breaks Down In Tears As Partner Proposes To Him (Video)


A video has captured the moment a man broke down in tears after his partner proposed to him.

The gay couple left many tongues wagging with their romantic display.

In the presence of their other friends, the man knelt down while presenting a ring to his lover.


With cheers and encouragement from other people present in the room, he took the ring while crying in appreciation.

Here are some reactions to the video below;

@Big_Rossie_ opined: “Everyone deserves love, they should do what makes them happy”


@MrsZanga cried: “We keep loosing men everyday 😭😭”

@AdventurousAlec stated: “Let’s assume the dude standing is the she wife.
The dude kneeling is the Confused male.
And the family members are recycled from yabaleft.”

@Guchomili added: “See how shameless we have finally become as a society. Two grown men that should be raising kids are here fooling.
They should be arrested.”

@TrulyDearest_ asked: “He is happy that his fellow man is giving him ring? 🤓🤓🤓”



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