Manchester City Clinch UEFA Champions League 2023 Title with 1-0 Victory over Inter Milan


UEFA : Manchester City Crowned Champions of UEFA after Intense 1-0 Win against Inter Milan

In a thrilling finale to the UEFA Champions League in 2023, Manchester City emerged as the triumphant team, securing a remarkable victory over Inter Milan with a score of 1-0. The match was a showcase of tactical prowess, skillful maneuvers, and intense competition as both teams battled it out on the grand stage.


Manchester City Clinch UEFA Champions League 2023 Title with 1-0 Victory over Inter Milan


With the world watching, the highly anticipated clash unfolded at a prestigious stadium, where fans filled the stands, creating an electric atmosphere. Manchester City, known for their attacking style of play, faced off against Inter Milan, a formidable opponent renowned for their defensive solidity.

2023 UEFA Champions League final

The game kicked off with both teams exhibiting their strengths, aiming to seize control early on. Manchester City’s players demonstrated their fluid passing and swift movement, constantly pressuring Inter Milan’s defense. The midfield battle was intense, with players from both sides relentlessly vying for possession.



As the match progressed, Manchester City’s relentless attacking mentality paid off. In a crucial moment, a brilliantly executed play led to a solitary goal by Rodrigo Hernandez Cascante that would prove to be the decisive factor in the final outcome. With precision and finesse, a City player found the back of the net, sending the fans into a frenzy and giving their team a precious lead.

However, the drama did not end there. Inter Milan, known for their resilience, fought tooth and nail to find an equalizer. They launched relentless attacks, pushing Manchester City’s defense to its limits. The City goalkeeper and defenders demonstrated remarkable composure and skill, thwarting each attempt with resolute determination.


As the final whistle blew, the scoreline remained unchanged, cementing Manchester City’s victory. Jubilation filled the air as their players celebrated a historic moment, knowing that they had triumphed over a formidable opponent in Inter Milan to claim the UEFA Champions League title for the year 2023.

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The victory brought immense pride to Manchester City’s players, staff, and loyal supporters who had stood by the team throughout their arduous journey. It was a testament to their hard work, talent, and unwavering commitment to excellence. The triumph in the UEFA Champions League would be etched in the club’s illustrious history, forever remembered as a moment of glory and achievement.


Man City 1-0 Inter Milan


Champions League champions… and they’ve won the Treble!


Man City 1-0 Inter Milan Champions League final match stream, latest score and goal updates .

75 mins: OFF THE BAR!


Inter should equalise! Dimarco’s looped header bounces off the bar, he’s then there on the rebound and nods it towards the empty net… Lukaku blocks it!

Disaster for Inter, Lukaku got in his team-mate’s way.


GOAL! Man City 1-0 Inter Milan | Rodri 68′



Bernardo gets in behind, his cut back deflects to the edge of the box and Rodri is there to fire it into the bottom corner. Onana doesn’t move

68 mins: Goal for Manchester City



59 mins:And now Barella picks up the first yellow card of the final.

Foden was driving forward, Inter man came flying in to take him out. Not sure he even bothered looking at the ball, let alone try and win it.



Some first-half stats

Man City with more than 60% of the ball in the opening 45 minutes.

Only four shots though, two of those on target. One Haaland’s powerful strike, the other a comfortable save for Onana from De Bruyne’s strike from distance.

Four shots too for Inter, their biggest chance coming when Ederson passed the ball straight to Barella.

It’s right in the balance.


Half Time: Man City 0-0 Inter

So far, so good for Inter.

Man City have dominated possession, of course, but little to show for it. Haaland had a shot saved, Bernardo went close… but that’s it really.

De Bruyne forced off with injury, another devastating night in the Champions League final for him

When is the 2023 Champions League final and what’s the kick-off time?

The final match is scheduled to take place at Istanbul’s Atatürk Olympic Stadium on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The kick-off time for the final is set for 21:00 CET, 8:00pm Nigeria, Time which corresponds to 22:00 local time in Istanbul


This eagerly anticipated match will mark the climax of the season’s tournament, where two formidable teams will compete for the prestigious UEFA Champions League title. The Atatürk Olympic Stadium, known for its capacity and history in hosting major football events, will serve as the venue for this grand occasion


Where is the 2023 Champions League final?

The stadium was constructed with the aim of supporting Turkey’s bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, showcasing the country’s sporting infrastructure and capabilities. It was inaugurated in 2002 and serves as the home stadium for the Turkish national team.


Located in the Başakşehir area of Istanbul, which is situated west of the Bosphorus, the Atatürk Olympic Stadium has an impressive seated capacity of over 75,000 spectators. Its spacious design allows for a significant number of fans to attend major sporting events, including football matches and international competitions.

The Atatürk Olympic Stadium has become a prominent venue for hosting significant football matches, including the and other high-profile sporting events. With its large capacity and modern facilities, it offers a fitting stage for showcasing the pinnacle of European football and attracting a wide audience.


2005 final highlights: Milan vs Liverpool

Indeed, the UEFA Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan will be the second major UEFA competition final to take place at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. The venue previously hosted the final of the 2004/05 Champions League, where Liverpool staged a remarkable comeback against AC Milan.

In that memorable match, Liverpool found themselves trailing 3-0 at half-time. However, they managed to produce a stunning comeback in the second half, scoring three goals to level the match and ultimately winning the final on penalties. This incredible turnaround has been famously referred to as the “Miracle of Istanbul” and is widely regarded as one of the most extraordinary comebacks in the history of European football.

The fact that the UEFA Champions League final is returning to the same venue where such an iconic moment occurred adds an extra layer of significance to the upcoming match between Manchester City and Inter Milan. The Atatürk Olympic Stadium will once again witness high-stakes drama and a battle for football glory on this grand stage.

Who is playing in the Champions League final?

That’s an exciting prospect for the UEFA Champions League final! Manchester City and Inter Milan will face each other in the final for the first time. Manchester City secured their spot in the final by overcoming the defending champions, Real Madrid, in their semi-final match.

On the other hand, Inter Milan advanced to the final by defeating their city rivals, AC Milan, with a 3-0 aggregate scoreline in the semi-finals. It’s a significant achievement for Inter to reach the final and compete for the prestigious Champions League trophy.

The clash between Manchester City and Inter Milan promises to be an intriguing encounter, as both teams have showcased their strength and quality throughout the tournament. The final will provide an exciting platform for these two successful clubs to battle it out for European glory.

Upcoming Champions League finals venues.

2023:Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul
: Wembley Stadium, London
2025: Fussball Arena München, Munich

How can I watch the 2023 Champions League final?

The full list of global UEFA Champions League broadcast partners is available. It will be broadcasted on DSTV and GOTV Channels.

How to get Champions League final tickets?

As is customary, the majority of tickets for the UEFA Champions League final are allocated to the fans of the participating teams and the general public. Out of the total capacity of 72,000, approximately 47,200 tickets are made available for direct purchase by fans and the general public.

Each of the two finalists receives an allocation of 20,000 tickets. The process of selling and allocating these tickets to fans of the respective clubs is managed by the clubs themselves. They handle the ticket application and distribution process among their own supporters.

For the general public, a ticket application window was opened on from Friday, April 21 to Friday, April 28. During this period, fans could submit their ticket applications. To ensure fairness, a ballot system is conducted to allocate these tickets, providing an equal chance to all applicants.

The remaining tickets are reserved for various entities, including the local organizing structure, UEFA, national associations, commercial partners, and broadcasters involved in the event.

This distribution system aims to give fans of the finalists and the general public an opportunity to attend the prestigious UEFA Champions League final, while also accommodating other stakeholders and partners associated with the event.

What’s the format of the Champions League final?

If the score is tied at the end of normal time in a UEFA Champions League match, two additional periods of 15 minutes each, known as extra time, are played. During extra time, if one team scores more goals than the other, they are declared the winners and advance to the next stage.

However, if the score remains equal after the conclusion of extra time, the winners of the match are determined by a penalty shoot-out. This involves each team taking a series of kicks from the penalty mark, and the team that scores the most goals in the shoot-out is declared the winner.

The penalty shoot-out is a dramatic and decisive way to determine the winner of a match when the score remains level after extra time, adding another layer of excitement and tension to the game.


Who is performing at the Champions League final?

It’s exciting to hear that Anitta and Alesso have been announced as headliners for the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final Kick Off Show by Pepsi®. Anitta, a Brazilian superstar, has had a remarkable year, including the release of her fifth studio album, “Versions Of Me,” and a GRAMMY® nomination for Best New Artist. Her presence is sure to bring an electrifying performance to the event.

Additionally, Burna Boy, a GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, will also be performing at the event. As a passionate football fan, Burna Boy expressed his enthusiasm for being part of the Pepsi stage at this year’s final. With his talent and success in the music industry, his performance is bound to captivate the audience.

The UEFA Champions League Final Kick Off Show by Pepsi® promises to be an incredible spectacle, combining the excitement of football with top-tier musical performances from these acclaimed artists.

Burna Boy


Who are the ‘home’ team for the Champions League final?

According to the draw made for administrative purposes, Manchester City will be designated as the ‘home’ side in the UEFA Champions League final that will take place in Istanbul. This administrative draw determines which team will be considered the home team for logistical and organizational purposes, such as the choice of dressing rooms, official pre-match ceremonies, and kit placement. It does not affect the actual performance or competitive advantage of either team during the final match

Who is the referee for the Champions League final?

Szymon Marciniak, a Polish referee who officiated the 2022 FIFA World Cup final in December, will officiate the 2023 UEFA Champions League final.

Which kits will the teams wear in the Champions League final?

In the UEFA Champions League final, both finalists are allowed to wear their first-choice colors, which typically represent their home kits. However, if there is a clash between the colors of the two teams’ kits, the club designated as the away team, in this case Inter, must use an alternative kit.

This is done to ensure that there is clear differentiation between the two teams on the field, avoiding confusion for both the players and the viewers. The away team is required to wear an alternative kit, often their away or third kit, which typically has colors that contrast with the home team’s kit. This helps maintain clarity and distinction between the two teams during the match

What do the Champions League winners get?

The UEFA Champions League trophy is indeed 73.5cm tall and weighs 7.5kg. It is a highly coveted prize in the world of football. Jürg Stadelmann, the creator of the trophy, acknowledged that while it may not be considered an artistic masterpiece, it holds immense value and prestige for everyone involved in the sport.

Regarding the qualification for the following season’s Champions League, the winners of the 2022/23 tournament are guaranteed a place in the group stage of the 2023/24 edition. This applies even if they have not qualified through their domestic competition. This ensures that the best teams from the previous Champions League season have an opportunity to defend their title and compete against other top clubs in Europe.

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The magic of the UEFA Champions League trophy

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