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NASIMS Unveils New Npower Login Portal Link for Beneficiaries

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NASIMS Unveils New Npower Portal Login Method.

In today’s latest Npower news, we are excited to share the revamped method for logging into your Npower profile via the newly introduced Nasims Portal Landing Page. Stay tuned to find out how!

Nasims has recently restructured the login process on their portal to enhance the experience of beneficiaries across various NSIP programs, such as Npower, GEEP, CCT, and NHGSFP.


The new Nasims Portal Landing Page now features a user-friendly interface that displays all categories of the National Social Investment Programme, streamlining the login process for all beneficiaries.

As of now, only the Npower beneficiaries’ login page is active on this new Nasims landing page. Below are the steps for Npower beneficiaries to access their dashboard



Npower Profile Login via New Nasims Portal Landing Page: For those who are not yet familiar with the Nasims portal’s updated login method, here’s a quick guide:

The New Npower login Portal

  1. Visit the Nasims portal at https://nasims.gov.ng or https://ssp.nasims.gov.ng.
  2. Select ‘Npower’ from the pop-up list by clicking the corresponding circle and proceed by clicking ‘Continue.’
  3. The login page will then prompt you to enter your email and password for the Nasims portal.
NASIMS Announces New Npower Login Portal Link for Beneficiaries.
Graphic showing New Npower login Portal

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The new Nasims portal landing page brings a higher level of transparency to the NSIP programme, reflecting the advancements in its upgrade.

For Npower beneficiaries who have received the account validation message, rest assured that it is legitimate. Follow the provided instructions to validate your details and complete your enrollment into the Npower programme.

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Join the many beneficiaries already benefiting from the Nasims portal’s enhanced features. Log in now and explore the new and improved experience!

Remember to keep checking for further updates on the Nasims portal and Npower programme through our latest Npower news. Happy enrolling!”



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