5 Best ways on how to Handle Menstrual Pain


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Menstrual Pain! We understand that periods are necessary for ovulation and other processes, but why must they be so painful? Probably due to the discomfort associated with menstruation, mediaeval women referred to their periods as “The Curse.” However, it need not be a curse for you. Many women use painkillers to manage their pain, but nature also has solutions. Here are some remedies you can try if you wish to treat menstrual pain with remedies.

Apply heat.

The contraction of your muscles causes menstrual pain; therefore, applying heat is necessary. By widening your blood vessels, heat improves blood flow and reduces pain. For relief, place a hot water bottle on your back or abdomen. Also, try taking a hot bath during this time to help relax your muscles.


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Yes, we are aware that you do not want to be active while on your period, but it does help. Light aerobic exercise alleviates pain by increasing blood flow and stretching the muscles. Both walking and yoga are excellent exercises that do not require excessive effort. In this case, starting exercise sooner is preferable. We are all aware that we should exercise three to five times per week. Try it, you’ll be glad you did.


Take Vitamin D.

Science has demonstrated that taking Vitamin D days before your period will prevent menstrual pain. For optimal results, begin taking the vitamin five days before your period. Or, even better, include Vitamin D in your daily supplement regimen. Prevention is preferable to treatment. Do not wait for the discomfort to arrive before acting. Take vitamin D immediately!


Drink Cocoa.

Consume raw cacao to alleviate menstrual pain. Trust us, it’s a lot more enjoyable than cramps, even if it’s not particularly pleasant on the tongue. Cocoa contains antioxidants and relaxes muscles, resulting in a decrease in pain. It is also a natural mood enhancer, so drinking it may make you more pleasant.

Eat Healthy.

It’s bad enough to consume junk food on a normal day, but when you’re on your period? That is simply asking for trouble. If you want to feel great, eat well. Avoid consuming fatty foods, alcohol and soda during your period. Instead, consume herbal teas or lemon-flavored hot water. Moreover, you can snack on fruits


Don’t like using sanitary pads? Then why don’t you try a menstrual cup?

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