PDP In Dilemma As Wike’s Ministerial Nomination Sparks New Controversy


Tinubu Ministerial list: PDP in dilemma over Wike’s nomination.

The nomination of former Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike, for a ministerial position by President Bola Tinubu has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian political landscape, stirring a heated debate among stakeholders and citizens alike.

Wike’s unexpected acceptance of the nomination comes despite his prior declaration that he would never take up a ministerial position.


It is alleged that Wike played a crucial role in Tinubu’s emergence, actively working against his own party’s candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, during the 2023 general election. This led to the formation of the G-5 Integrity Group, a coalition of then-state governors, who actively opposed the PDP during the presidential race.

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As the news of Wike’s ministerial nomination spread, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, an APC chieftain, pointed out that this move could be seen as a “compensation” for Wike’s role in securing Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 presidential election.


The opposition party, PDP, finds itself in a dilemma over how to handle the situation.

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Some stakeholders believe that expelling Wike from the party might destabilize it further, as it could lead to the departure of other PDP governors. On the other hand, some members argue that Wike’s acceptance of the nomination contradicts the party’s principles and values.

The recent announcement of Wike as a member of the PDP’s Campaign Council for the November governorship election in Bayelsa State has intensified the discussions and fueled criticism from Nigerians on social media.

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Some citizens took to Twitter to express their discontent, suggesting that the PDP has lost its relevance due to these developments.

As the controversy rages on, political analysts and party stakeholders continue to debate the best course of action for the PDP.

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Whether Wike’s appointment as a minister will lead to further divisions within the party or contribute to a unified resolution remains to be seen. For now, the focus remains on the impact of this decision on Nigeria’s political landscape.



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