Stop sharing personal information on Social Media – FG warns teenagers


Nigerian Data Protection Commission Warns Teens About Online Privacy Risks.

The Head of Legal Enforcement and Regulation at the Nigerian Data Protection Commission (NDPC), Babatunde Bamigboye, issued a stern warning to teenagers regarding the sharing of personal information on the internet. Representing the Director General of the Commission, Vincent Olatunji, Bamigboye also cautioned all Nigerians about the potential risks of exposing their data online.

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In an official statement he signed, Bamigboye emphasized the importance of safeguarding personal information in an age where data plays a critical role in app development and daily life. He stated, “At the commission, we protect data, and most of what you will need to develop apps depends on data. You must protect your information when you go online.

It is important that this form part of our curriculum as teachers of children because they are now exposed to what adults are exposed to.”

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Bamigboye’s message highlights the necessity of educating young people about the significance of online privacy and data security, especially as they increasingly use digital platforms.

He also expressed hope that the teenagers who participated in the summer program organized by the Teen Ambassador Foundation (TAF) would eventually become innovators of renown. He commended TAF for providing productive activities during the holidays and assured the teenagers that they would look back on these experiences with gratitude in the future.


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Furthermore, Bamigboye underscored the growing importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), particularly in fields like robotics and artificial intelligence. He encouraged young Nigerians to explore these opportunities, stating, “The world of ICT, especially this robotic artificial intelligence, is the new oil that everyone is going towards. Now you have better opportunities than Bill Gates.”

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the NDPC’s warning serves as a timely reminder for both teenagers and adults to exercise caution when sharing personal information online, emphasizing the importance of responsible internet use and data protection.

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