Tension Mounts in Delta Community Over Unusual Security Checks

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Residents and commuters along the Jeddo-Ughoton road in Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State are on edge as the Nigerian Air Force conducts an “unusual” security check at the NAF gate section.

The road, vital for communities like Adesa, Ugbokodo, Ughoton, Omadino, and Obodo, is experiencing thorough screening of passengers on commercial tricycles (‘Keke’).

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NAF personnel, some in masks, are reportedly compelling passengers to disembark and raise their hands for inspection. Selected motorists also face stop-and-search. Air surveillance was noted in the Jeddo area on Thursday. The motives behind these measures remain unclear.

Chibuzor Okemiri, a Ughoton resident, expressed frustration over being forced to disembark and raise his hands during the checkpoint process. Cecilia Amukpe, en route to Ukpokiti, Warri South, claimed a breach of her human rights due to the security operatives’ actions.

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Efforts to seek clarifications from the Air Force Base’s public relations unit were unsuccessful as of the time of this report. The community awaits further information on the reasons behind the heightened security measures.




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