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Tinubu Prioritising Family Interests Over Nigeria” – Atiku Drops Bombshell, Reveals Seyi’s Ties with Chagoury Company

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Atiku Accuses Tinubu of Prioritizing Family Interests Over Nigeria’s Well-being.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has made a scathing accusation against President Bola Tinubu, alleging that he is prioritizing his family’s interests over the nation’s welfare.

Atiku claims that Tinubu’s son, Seyi, holds a position on the board of CDK Integrated Industries, a subsidiary of the Chagoury Group, which is owned by one of the president’s business allies, Gilbert Chagoury. This raises ethical concerns, particularly given the Chagoury Group’s involvement in the controversial Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project.


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Atiku, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate in the 2019 and 2023 elections, has criticized the awarding and execution of the project, citing hurried processes and alleged contraventions of procurement laws. He has urged Tinubu to prioritize attracting genuine investors rather than relying on propaganda.

According to Atiku, the project’s estimated cost of $13 billion, awarded without competitive bidding, is a red flag, especially given Nigeria’s current economic crisis. He has also slammed the Tinubu administration for rushing the project, converting it from a public-private partnership to a government-funded initiative without due process.


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Atiku has accused the Tinubu administration of prioritizing personal and family interests over national interests, citing the poorly implemented exchange rate unification policy, which has led to heavy losses for manufacturing firms and even prompted Aliko Dangote to describe it as a “huge mess.

The former PDP presidential candidate has also criticized Tinubu’s globetrotting in search of foreign direct investments, claiming that none have materialized. He has pointed to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) report, which states that Nigeria will become the 4th largest economy in Africa by the end of the year, behind South Africa, Egypt, and Algeria, a “disgraceful development” for a nation that was once the largest in Africa.

Atiku has called out the Tinubu administration’s lack of coordination and transparency, citing the secret payment of billions monthly and the failure to explain the current petrol scarcity across the country.

Atiku stated, “Tinubu has shown that his personal business interest and that of his family will always be prioritized over and above national interest. This is a clear conflict of interest, and it is unacceptable.”



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