Week 18 Pool Result Today Saturday, Nov 4, 2023: Uk this week Pool Results

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Week 18 Pool Result 2023 | Uk Wk18 Pool result today saturday, November  4, 2023 and Football pools results and fixtures This Week.

Welcome to week 18 pool results live update page, the results will be update here live as they play on Saturday.. don’t forget to always refresh this page.

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Week 18 Pool Result – Football pool coupon result for this week are published on this website immediately after Full-Time confirmation of live scores, we publish the outcome of the Pool Panel at Half-Time once a match Results is to be decided by the Football Pools Panel Association.

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See Week 18 Pool Results 2023.

Week: 18 – Season: UK 2023/2024 – Date: 04-November-2023
Pool Result FT Status
1 Brentford West Ham 3:2 Home
2 Burnley Crystal P. 0:2 Away
3 Everton Brighton 1:1 ScoreDraw
4 Luton Liverpool 1:1 ScoreDraw 
5 Man City Bournemouth 6:1 Home
6 Newcastle Arsenal 1:0 Home
7 Nott’m For. Aston V. 2:0 Home
8 Sheff Utd. Wolves 2:1 Home
9 Birmingham Ipswich 2:2 ScoreDraw
10 Bristol C. Sheff Wed. 1:0 Home
11 Huddersfield Watford 0:0 noSCDraw
12 Millwall Southampton 0:1 Away
13 Norwich Blackburn 1:3 Away
14 Plymouth Middlesbro 3:3 ScoreDraw
15 Preston Coventry 3:2 Home
16 Rotherham Q.P.R. 1:1 ScoreDraw
17 Stoke Cardiff 0:0 noSCDraw
18 Swansea Sunderland 0:0 noSCDraw
19 West Brom Hull 3:1 Home
20 A.Wimbledon Cheltenham 5:1 Home
21 Bolton Solihull M. 4:0 Home
22 Bradford C. Wycombe 1:2 Away
23 Bromley Blackpool 0:2 Away
24 Chester York 0:0 noSCDraw
25 Chesterfield Portsmouth 1:0 Sunday
26 Crewe Derby 2:2 ScoreDraw 
27 Curzon Barnet 0:1 Away
28 Doncaster Accrington 2:2 ScoreDraw
29 Eastleigh Boreham W. 5:1 Home
30 Exeter Wigan 0:2 Away
31 Kidderminster Fleetwood 1:2 Away
32 Leyton O. Carlisle 3:1 Home
33 Lincoln Morecambe 1:2 Away
34 Mansfield Wrexham 1:2 Away
35 Newport Co. Oldham 2:0 Home
36 Notts Co. Crawley 3:2 Home
37 Oxford Utd. Maidenhead 2:0 Home
38 Peterboro Salford C. 2:2 ScoreDraw
39 Port Vale Burton A. 0:0 noSCDraw
40 Ramsgate Woking 2:1 Home
41 Reading Milton K.D. 3:2 Home
42 Shrewsbury Colchester 3:2 Home
43 Slough Grimsby 1:1 ScoreDraw
44 Stevenage Tranmere 4:3 Home
45 Sutton Utd. Fylde 2:1 Home
46 Swindon Aldershot 4:7 Away
47 Dundee Livingston 1:0 Sunday
48 Kilmarnock Motherwell 1:0 Home
49 Hearts Rangers 1:3 Away


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Important Notes on Week 18 Pool Results 2023:

  • Noscoredraw = Draw with no goals
  • ScoreDraw = Draws with goals
  • HT = Halftime (The match is still ongoing)
  • Home = Home Win
  • Away = Away Win
  • Home/Away = (Already Declared “Home or Away”; Awaiting Pools Panel Decision)
  • Void = Played on Friday

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