World Cup qualifier: Zimbabwe Players Threaten to boycott training ahead of Nigeria Clash

Zimbabwe Players

World Cup qualifier: Zimbabwe players threatens to boycott training ahead of match against Nigeria.


As the Zimbabwean national football team, Warriors, gears up for their crucial World Cup qualifier against Nigeria’s Super Eagles, a cloud of controversy looms over unpaid allowances, with players threatening to boycott Thursday’s training session.


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Currently in Rwanda for their preparations, the Warriors find themselves embroiled in a dispute with the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) Normalisation Committee. The players are expressing their dissatisfaction with the non-payment of their daily allowances, adding tension to the team’s build-up for the Group C match at Huye Stadium in Butare on Sunday.


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In their opening match on Wednesday, the Warriors managed to secure a goalless draw against Rwanda, setting the stage for a competitive qualifying campaign.

Reports from The Herald indicate that the players are particularly upset about the handling of their daily allowances by the ZIFA Normalisation Committee. The committee, which has brought a sizeable staff contingent to Rwanda, is facing backlash for its approach to compensating the players.

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One of the key points of contention is the alleged proposal by the ZIFA NC to pay a meager US$2000 for a win and nothing for a draw. Sources reveal that the players had not agreed to such terms, leading to a growing rift between the team and the football association.

As the situation escalates, members of the ZIFA Normalisation Committee are said to be engaged in a lengthy meeting, attempting to find a resolution to the brewing crisis. The outcome of these discussions could significantly impact the team’s focus and morale as they prepare for the critical match against Nigeria’s Super Eagles.

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Football enthusiasts and stakeholders are closely watching the developments, hoping for a swift resolution that allows the players to focus on their training and the upcoming World Cup qualifier.



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