You Got Only 6.1 Million Votes, Stop Claiming The Whole Country Is Behind You – Sowore Attacks Peter Obi


You Got Only 6.1 Million Votes, Stop Claiming The Whole Country Is Behind You – Sowore Attacks



Yele Sowore, a presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, has criticized Labour Party supporters for claiming to have received the highest number of votes in the election. He reminded everyone that Asiwaju Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress was declared the winner of the February 25th election by the Independent National Electoral Commission.


During an exclusive interview on Mic On Podcast, Sowore challenged Labour Party’s claim of having the entire country behind them, citing Buhari’s example. He stated that Buhari has been getting 12 million votes since he started contesting in 2003, yet he never claimed that the entire country supported him. He argued that just because a political party gets a certain number of votes does not mean that everyone in the country supports them.



According to Sowere:

I laughed at them when they said all the youth are behind Peter Obi. Buhari for instance has been having 12 million votes when he started contesting in 2003. Does that mean everybody was with Buhari? Some people were not for him. Since he started contesting some people have been against him and he was having 12 million votes”.


Sowere also laughed off Labour Party supporters who claimed that all the youth were behind Peter Obi, saying that it was impossible to have everyone supporting one person. He emphasized that the political space was a contest where people had different preferences and ideologies, and that political parties should not make unfounded claims about their level of support.

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