APC vice chairman reveals Why Nigerians hate APC and love Labour Party, why the party is more popular


Why is more popular – APC vice chairman


Salihu Lukman, vice-chairman of the All Progressives Congress in the North-West, has explained why he believes the Labour Party to be more popular in Nigeria than other political parties.


According to the APC leader, the Labour Party’s popularity stems from Nigerians’ dissatisfaction with other political parties, including the APC, the ruling party.



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This was included in a statement distributed to journalists on Tuesday.


According to him, Nigerians are tired of the ruling party’s docility and lack of innovation, hence their determination to seek a party with a dynamic and functional structure.



In addition to the structure that has been in place for years, he noted that the ruling APC has not implemented any structural adjustments or innovations that are particularly brilliant.


“In addition to these organs (NAC, NEC, and national caucus), the amended APC constitution established three new structures: the women’s wing, the youth wing, and the persons with disabilities wing,” he said.


Since April 2022, when the Sen. Abdullahi Adamu-led NWC took office, nothing has been done to organise the women’s, youth, and persons with disabilities wings outside of the initiatives of the presiding officers of these three structures — the national women’s leader, the national youth leader, and the national leader of persons with disabilities.


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“The popularity of the Labour Party during the 2023 elections reflects in part Nigerians’ dissatisfaction with our political parties, including the APC.



“Nigerians are searching for parties with dynamic structures whose internal debates and competitions would unite Nigerians’ diverse interests.”


As long as the APC is operated as a “closed structure,” according to Lukman, will lack the political legitimacy necessary to win the support of Nigerians, particularly when it comes to implementing difficult policy decisions.



“Without a doubt, difficult decisions must be made to effectively address our nation’s challenges. When the government is able to win the support of Nigerians through engagements with organized groups, however, it will be much easier to implement these difficult decisions, he said.


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