Arrest of Over 100 Suspected Gay in Effurun Sparks Controversy and Mixed Reactions

Delta Police Arrest Over 100 Suspects Allegedly Involved in Gay Wedding Ceremony

Parade of suspected gay men in Delta sparks controversie.

The recent arrest and public parade of more than 100 suspected gay men during a wedding party in Effurun, Delta State have ignited a heated debate and mixed reactions among concerned Nigerians, opinion leaders, and human rights groups.

The arrests were made by the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Delta State Command, following a tip-off about the wedding ceremony. The Delta police spokesperson, DSP Bright Edafe, announced the arrests and the subsequent raid on the hotel where the event was taking place.


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During the parade, some of the detained individuals, primarily in their 20s and early 30s, denied being homosexuals. Three of the suspects claimed they were models and fashion designers attending an All-White and Award party. One even dressed as a female, explaining that it was for a modeling event.

It remains unclear what charges these men will face, but it’s essential to note that homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, carrying a 14-year prison sentence if convicted.


The arrest has divided public opinion, with some applauding the police action while others condemn it as a violation of human rights. Here are the key arguments on both sides:

Supporters of the Arrest:

Upholding Cultural Norms: Advocates argue that homosexuality conflicts with Nigerian cultural and traditional beliefs. They assert that the arrest is necessary to enforce societal norms and values.

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Deterrence Against Immorality: Some believe that arresting suspected gay men sends a strong message against what they view as immoral behavior and helps curb criminal activities among youths.

Protection of the Boy Child: Supporters emphasize the importance of protecting male children from what they perceive as negative influences that may lead them to homosexuality.


Critics of the Arrest:

Violation of Human Rights: Human rights groups, including Amnesty International, condemn the arrests as a violation of human rights, particularly the right to privacy and dignity. They call for the immediate release of the suspects.

Misplacement of Priority: Some argue that law enforcement should prioritize more pressing issues, such as corruption and insecurity, rather than targeting consenting adults engaging in private relationships.

Call for Sensitivity and Due Process: Critics stress the importance of handling suspects with dignity, adhering to due process, and ensuring that accusations of homosexuality are proven in a court of law.

The arrest has sparked a broader conversation about LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria and the balance between upholding cultural values and respecting individual freedoms. Human rights organizations and activists continue to call for the release of the detained individuals and a more inclusive approach to these complex issues.

As the nation grapples with these contentious matters, the arrest of the suspected gay men remains a topic of intense debate, shedding light on the diversity of perspectives within Nigerian society.



  1. It is only in Nigeria that i have seeing many confused people,who don’t between what is good and back between gay,lesbian and human rigth violations….they want to support those who wish to import wrong culture into the land and the same time wants to maintain human rigth

  2. Human right international should be disbanded because of supporting what is moral and ethically wrong even to their eyes. Is man to man marriage dignified? Because of freedom of privacy and dignity you then change from the original activity God has for you. It is a pity


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