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Austin Orogun Congratulates Rev. Father Ekabo on Delta Pilgrims Board Appointment

Reverend Father Ekabo

Austin Orogun congratulates Reverend Father Ekabo for his appointment as the Secretary of, the Christian Pilgrims Board, Delta State

With great joy and hearts brimming with delight, I extend my warmest congratulations to you, Reverend Father Ekabo, on your most well-deserved appointment as Secretary of the Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board!

The news has resonated through our community like a joyous peal of cathedral bells, bringing forth a symphony of celebration and pride.


Your unwavering dedication to the service of God and your relentless commitment and dedication to both the spiritual and physical well-being of your flock as well as your philanthropic works have long been admired and cherished.

Your gentle guidance, your profound wisdom, and your unwavering faith have been a beacon of light for countless pilgrims, illuminating their paths towards spiritual enrichment and renewal within Delta State and beyond

This appointment stands as a testament to the immense respect you command and the profound trust that the Christian community places in your able hands.


As Secretary of the Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board, you will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in facilitating and enriching the pilgrimage journeys of countless faithful souls. We do not doubt that your leadership will be marked by compassion, integrity, and a deep understanding of the unique needs and aspirations of every pilgrim.

I envision you shepherding your flock towards holy lands with a shepherd’s heart, ensuring their safety, comfort, and spiritual nourishment every step of the way. Your presence will be a source of strength and solace, your wisdom a guiding light, and your unwavering faith a constant inspiration.

May your tenure as Secretary be blessed with divine grace, overflowing with meaningful experiences for every pilgrim, and marked by the countless lives you touch through your service to humanity. I stand beside you in unwavering support and fervent prayer, confident that you will excel in this new role and leave an indelible mark on the landscape of Christian pilgrimage in Nigeria.

Sir, accept my heartfelt congratulations and my most sincere prayers for your success in this new role. May your journey as Secretary be one of immense fulfilment, profound purpose, and the indescribable joy of witnessing the transformative power of pilgrimage.

With great respect and admiration,


Austin Orogun,
Otutuama Community

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