Yul Edochie Voices Unwavering Support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Amidst National Hardship

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Nollywood actor and former presidential aspirant, Yul Edochie, has publicly declared his steadfast support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, expressing his belief in the President’s wisdom amid the prevailing challenges facing the nation.

Taking to his official Instagram page, Yul Edochie openly affirmed his endorsement of President Tinubu, recognizing him as a leader with insights that go beyond what is visible to the general populace.

He acknowledged that leaders like Tinubu possess privileged access to information that might not be available to the public, leading to decisions that might not be entirely comprehensible to all.


The actor conveyed his goodwill and prayers for the President, extending his best wishes for the task of governing the country.

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“As a leader, you will see certain things that your people may never see. You will have access to certain information that you people may never have access to.


So some of your decisions may not be fully understood by the people, even though they’re in the best interest of the people. You have my support, sir. @officialasiwajubat. I know you’re a man of wisdom. May God guide you in all the decisions you take for Nigeria. Best wishes, Mr. President,” Yul Edochie wrote.

Yul edochie support for Tinubu

This is not the first time Yul Edochie has extended his thoughts to President Tinubu. In the past, he has penned prayerful notes and messages expressing his concern for the welfare and progress of the nation under the President’s leadership.

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In July, the prominent movie producer addressed President Tinubu on behalf of Nigerians, highlighting the challenges that many citizens are facing and expressing hope that the President’s actions would bring about positive change.


Additionally, after President Tinubu’s inauguration, Yul Edochie marked the occasion with prayerful words, showing his support and optimism for the President’s tenure.

It’s worth noting that Yul Edochie’s endorsement follows his recent appeal to President Tinubu to consider the release of Nnamdi Kanu, while also praising the President’s role as a builder and advocate for both men and women.

As the nation grapples with various issues, the public show of support from a prominent figure like Yul Edochie adds an extra layer of dialogue to the ongoing discussions surrounding leadership, governance, and the future of Nigeria.



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