Yul Edochie Faces Backlash Over Social Media Post About Actress Judy Austin

Yul Edochie deletes all Instagram photos of second wife Judy Austin and their son

Nollywood actor and movie producer, Yul Edochie, has found himself at the center of a social media storm after sharing a recent video on his social media page.

The video features actress Judy Austin, who was pregnant at the time, meeting Yul’s father, the renowned actor Pete Edochie.

The controversy began in the wake of Pete Edochie’s recent bombshell interview, during which he distanced himself from Judy Austin.


In response, Yul Edochie shared the video, implying that the meeting depicted was how his relationship with the actress began.

However, Yul’s post triggered a strong backlash from Nigerians, who criticized the actor for his actions. Many social media users lambasted Yul Edochie for attempting to reignite a controversy and bring his father’s private matters into the spotlight.

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The public’s response reflected a mix of disappointment and disapproval, with some voicing concerns about the invasion of Pete Edochie’s personal life and the potential harm to the actress involved. Several netizens expressed that family matters should be handled privately and not exploited for public attention.

While Yul Edochie may have intended to share a personal moment from the past, the timing and context of his post struck a nerve with many.

The video’s release fueled speculations and discussions on social media platforms, drawing heated debates among fans and followers.

As the situation unfolded, some users stood in support of Yul, arguing that he had the right to share his experiences and feelings.

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However, the prevailing sentiment seemed to be in favor of respecting the privacy of both Pete Edochie and Judy Austin.

In the entertainment industry, actors often find themselves under the scrutiny of the public eye, and their social media posts can easily become subjects of widespread attention.

Nonetheless, this incident highlights the importance of exercising caution and sensitivity when sharing personal content, especially when it involves private relationships and family dynamics.

As the social media storm continues to brew, Yul Edochie has yet to respond to the criticism. The actor’s post has prompted a larger conversation on privacy, responsibility, and the boundaries of sharing personal information online.

In the digital age, the power and reach of social media are immense, and celebrities, like Yul Edochie, must be mindful of the impact their posts may have on others. As Nigerians express their views on this matter, the incident serves as a reminder of the need for respect and empathy in the virtual space.


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“Many people don’t know the real story. The real story will come out soon. Chief Pete Edochie, Judy Austin, Yul Edochie.
This is how it all started”. He wrote.
Reacting, Nigerians wrote:

Minky Realty expressed concern that Yul Edochie’s actions of using a movie clip to mock his father were inappropriate.


Nefertiti hoped that she would never have children who would ridicule her on social media, expressing her disapproval of Yul’s actions.

Okehh criticized Yul for ridiculing his father with a movie clip, using a strong Igbo expression to convey disapproval.

Ducaks event labeled Yul as a shameless prodigal son.


Eagles Travels accused Yul of using his father’s name to promote Judy’s movie, expressing shame over the situation.

In a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, Pete Edochie revealed that he had no knowledge of Yul’s decision to take a second wife.

Addressing the issue in Igbo parables, Pete Edochie conveyed that bringing a foreign and controversial woman into the family might lead to negative consequences and disturbances in life. He used the analogy of getting ants-infested firewoods from the farm, which would attract lizards causing disturbances.



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