I will continue to disturb as my God is with me full time -Yul Edochie brags

Yul Edochie deletes all Instagram photos of second wife Judy Austin and their son

Nollywood Star Yul Edochie Promises to “Disturb” Public with Unwavering Confidence

Renowned Nollywood actor and movie producer, Yul Edochie, recently took to his Instagram to issue a public announcement, pledging his intention to consistently captivate and engage the public.

In a bold post on his social media platform, Yul shared his unshakable belief in the presence of a higher power that guides him through life, referencing the Biblical story of the parting of the Red Sea as evidence of his unwavering faith.


Edochie confidently declared his readiness to disrupt the status quo, emphasizing, “I cannot keep calm. My god is the god that parted the red sea. And He is with me full time. I go dey disturb.”

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This declaration underscores his determination to remain a force in the entertainment industry, showcasing his commitment to making an impact that extends beyond just the screen.


Yul Edochie’s recent social media activity also shed light on his approach to dealing with gossip. In a video where his second wife, Judy Austin, praises him in his native dialect, Edochie revealed that he responds to gossip by focusing on positivity and his loved ones.

The actor’s spiritual journey has been evident following personal challenges, particularly the tragic loss of his first son.

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Yul Edochie embraced his faith and submitted himself to God, recognizing the importance of gratitude and praising the divine in both good and challenging times.


However, Yul Edochie’s personal life has not been devoid of controversies. He is currently undergoing a divorce from his first wife, May Edochie, after 18 years of marriage. May Edochie submitted a petition for divorce, reportedly obtaining full custody of their three children as well as their shared mansion.

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The court allegedly issued a restraining order against Yul, preventing him from approaching the mansion.

In a dramatic twist, May Edochie has also reportedly demanded a sum of N100 million from Judy Austin, she accused her of adultery.

As Yul Edochie’s life unfolds with its mix of triumphs and challenges, his determination to remain resilient and “disturb” the public stands as a testament to his unwavering spirit and his resolve to continue leaving his mark on the entertainment landscape.



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