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Biography of , a Nigerian track and field athlete known for her 100m hurdles prowess. Discover her achievements, early life, family support, and rise to become a world record holder have been highlighted here on Ejes Gist Newspaper.

Tobi Amusan, whose full name  Oluwatobiloba Ayomide Amusan, was born on April 23, 1997, in Ijebu-ode, Ogun state, is a renowned Nigerian track and field athlete. With a specialization in the 100 metres hurdles and sprinting, Tobi has achieved remarkable feats on the global stage, earning her accolades and a lasting place in the world of athletics.

Early Life and Family: Nurturing a Rising Star

Tobi Amusan’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amusan, are teachers hailing from Ijebu-ode. She is the youngest of three siblings, and her journey into athletics was not without its challenges. Her father initially held reservations about her involvement in sports, preferring she pursue a career in medicine. However, her mother’s unwavering support paved the way for her eventual success.


Tobi Amusan Biography, Wikipedia Profile

Name Tobi Amusan
Full NameOluwatobiloba Ayomide Amusan
Date of BirthApril 23, 1997
Age26 years as of 2023
BirthplaceIjebu-ode, Ogun state, Nigeria
Height5ft 1in (155 cm)
Weight57 kg
Specialization100 metres hurdles, sprinting
CoachesMika Laaksonen, Lacena Golding-Clarke, Buka Tigers coach
EducationUniversity of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Net Worth$1.5 million (as of 2023)
Notable Achievements– World Athletics Championships 2022 gold medalist and world record holder in 100m hurdles.

Commonwealth Games 2018 gold medalist.

African Championships 2018 gold medalist <br>- African Games champion



Tobi Amusan Educational Background: A Foundation for Excellence

Tobi’s educational journey played a vital role in her athletic career. She completed her secondary education at Our Lady of Apostles secondary school in Ijebu Ode. Seeking to further her studies and athletic development, Tobi crossed the seas to the United States. At the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), she pursued her undergraduate studies while continuing to hone her skills on the track.


Tobi Amusan Biography: Early Athletic Career and  Sparking the Flame

Tobi’s interest in athletics ignited at a young age when she clinched victory in an inter-house 100-meter sprint competition at the age of 15. This early success marked the beginning of a journey that would see her represent Nigeria on the international stage.

Tobi Amusan Collegiate Success: Rising Star at UTEP

Tobi’s prowess flourished during her time at UTEP. She achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the second athlete from her university to earn the title of C-USA Female track athlete of the year. This achievement underscored her commitment to excellence and marked her as a rising star in the world of track and field.


Global Competitions: From Africa to the World


Tobi’s journey took her beyond Nigerian borders. She competed in the World Junior Championships in Bydgoszcz and the Rio Olympic Games, where she showcased her tenacity and skill in the 100-meter hurdles. Her participation in events like the Commonwealth Games, African Championships, and African Games solidified her reputation as a world-class athlete.

Tobi Amusan World Records

  • Tobi Amusan World Athletics Championships 2022: A Historic Triumph.

A defining moment in Tobi’s career came during the 2022 World Athletics Championships. In the 100 meters hurdles, she shattered records and secured the gold medal. Her remarkable feat of 12.12 seconds in the semifinal set a new world record and marked her as one of the first Nigerians to clinch a world title, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Tobi Amusan Dominance Continues with Record-Breaking Victory at Gyulai Istan Memorial


Personal Life: Focused on Excellence

Tobi’s dedication to her craft has kept her focused on her athletic pursuits. As of the time of this writing, she remains single and dedicated to her ongoing success.


Oluwatobiloba Ayomide Amusan, was born on April 23, 1997, in Ijebu-ode, Ogun state

Tobi Amusan Net Worth: Valuing Success

Tobi Amusan’s accomplishments as a Nigerian track and field sensation have translated into financial success. Her estimated net worth stands at $1.5 million as of 2022, reflecting not only her prowess on the track but also her contributions to the world of athletics.


Tobi Amusan’s Legacy

Tobi Amusan’s journey from a determined young athlete to a world-record-breaking champion serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes around the globe. Her dedication, resilience, and groundbreaking achievements have secured her place in the annals of sports history, and her story continues to motivate and captivate audiences worldwide. As Tobi Amusan continues to push boundaries, her legacy as a trailblazing athlete remains unwavering.

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