BUA Group Chairman Rejects Tinubu’s Appointment, Gives Reasons


has Declined his appointment. 

Following recent reports about the appointment of Mr Abdul Samad Rabiu, Chairman of BUA Group, to the All Progressives Congress (APC) Standing Committee on Finance by Bola Tinubu, an official statement has been released. This statement clarifies Mr Rabiu’s position and unequivocally declines the nomination.

The statement, released by Tim Sogbeinde, Head of Creatives & Visual Identity Management at BUA Group, expressed gratitude to the APC for considering Mr Rabiu for the prestigious position. It acknowledged the recognition of both Mr Rabiu and BUA Group’s unwavering commitment to national economic prosperity and development.


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However, the statement underscored the enduring apolitical stance that Abdul Samad Rabiu and BUA Group have consistently maintained over the years. This stance, integral to their business operations, reflects Mr Rabiu’s dedication to driving economic growth through BUA Group initiatives and philanthropic efforts, notably via ASR Africa.

Addressing the reasons behind declining the nomination, the statement clarified that Mr Rabiu had not been consulted about his inclusion in the committee. It cited his demanding schedule, deeming it impractical to commit the necessary time to the role.


The statement emphasized Mr Rabiu’s belief in leveraging business acumen and philanthropy for development and positive societal change independently of political participation. It outlined his commitment to contributing to Nigeria’s progress primarily through strategic investments in the economy and philanthropy, rather than through political roles or affiliations.

While reiterating Mr Rabiu’s dedication to supporting governmental policies that foster development, the statement concluded, “We trust this statement provides clarity on the matter and reaffirms our chairman’s dedication to Nigeria’s progress in the roles he is most suited for—those of an entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist.

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