FBI Records: Tinubu under pressure to legalise homosexuality in Nigeria – Islamic group


Muslim Rights Concern Urges Tinubu to Reject LGBT Accord Amid Allegations of Potential Blackmail using FBI.

In the midst of growing speculation that the United States might leverage alleged criminal records against Bola Tinubu, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has urged president  Bola Tinubu to resist signing the “LGBT accord” aimed at legalizing same-sex relationships in Nigeria.

In a statement released on Saturday and signed by the group’s Executive Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, MURIC expressed concern over the pressure exerted by Western countries, particularly under the EU-ACP umbrella, for Nigeria to embrace the legalization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) relationships.


The statement vehemently rejected the concept, labeling it as “evil, immoral, luciferous, and abominable.” It argued against the order of nature, emphasizing that life is designed to continue through pairs of male and female, in line with Islamic beliefs.

MURIC asserted that any agreement with the would contravene Nigeria’s Anti-Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act of 2013, a law aimed at upholding morality and sanity in Nigerian society.


Quoting the Quran, the statement referenced the condemnation of homosexualism by Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) and the destruction of the people of Lut in Sodom and Gomorrah. The group also cited biblical verses condemning .


The news source cited concerns that Bola Tinubu might succumb to signing the LGBT pact due to alleged criminal records held by the United States, including the FBI, CIA and others agencies. The source claimed that these records could be used as leverage to pressure Tinubu into compliance with the proposed LGBT accord supported by the EU and America.

It was reported that on October 23, Bola Ahmed Tinubu through his lawyer filed an  appeal asking the court not to release his FBI Records, citing potential damage to his name and privacy. Aaron Greenspan, founder of plainsite, and investigative journalist David Hundeyin have filed a suit through the Freedom of Information Act in the USA compelling the FBI, CIA, and other agencies to release Bola Tinubu’s criminal records that led to the forfeiture of $460,000 in the US.


The FBI has released some of the records, but Tinubu’s name has been redacted from the document to protect his privacy, with the FBI citing national security. The matter is still in court, adding another layer to the complex dynamics surrounding Tinubu’s potential in signing the LGBT accord.”

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