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Buju Biography Wikipedia, Real Name, from which State, Music

Buju Biography

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In the world of music, there are artists who transcend borders and leave an indelible mark on the industry, captivating audiences with their talent and charisma. One such artist hailing from the vibrant nation of Nigeria is the multi-talented Buju Banton. In this biographical blog post, we embark on an exciting journey through the life and career of the artist known by his stage name, Buju. Born Daniel Benson, this Nigerian musician is more than just a singer and songwriter; he is a record producer and an electrifying performer who goes by the moniker “BujuToYourEars.”

Nigeria, with its rich cultural tapestry and diverse musical heritage, has given birth to countless musical legends, and Buju Banton is undoubtedly one of them. His story is a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and connect people from all walks of life.


In the following paragraphs, we will peel back the layers of Buju Banton’s life, exploring the roots of his artistry, his rise in the music industry, the place of his birth, and the record labels that have played a pivotal role in shaping his career. Join us on this fascinating journey as we unveil the biography, profile, and other essential facts about the enigmatic Buju Banton, whose music has not only captured the hearts of Nigerians but also resonated with fans worldwide.

Buju Biography, Wiki and  Profile

Buju Biography

Summary of Buju Biography Wikipedia, Profile

  • Name : Buju or BujuToYourEars
  • Real Name:  Daniel Benson
  • Age :  24 years
  • Place of Birth :  Lagos State
  • State of Origin : Awka Ibom State
  • Nationality:  Nigeria
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, producer
  • Date of Birth:  1997
  • Net Worth  : $150,000 – $200,000
  • Music Associate  : Zlatan Ibile, Burna Boy, Ladipo

Buju Biography

In Lagos State, a young man named Daniel Benson, known to many as Buju or BujuToYourEars, was born into a middle-class family.


During his early years, Daniel Benson resided in Gbagada with his mother before their relocation to Mowe, a town situated in Ogun State. Interestingly, his roots trace back to Awka Ibom.

Even during his school days, Buju began to nurture a profound passion for music. He reminisces that he spent a significant portion of his time singing songs by renowned artists like D’Bang, P-Square, 9ice, and Olu Maintain.

When asked about his ability to speak Yoruba, despite not having Yoruba heritage, Daniel Benson attributed it to his late mother. She imparted this skill to him, leaving a lasting impact on his linguistic abilities.

It’s worth noting that Buju’s beloved mother, who had valiantly battled cancer for many years, passed away at a young age. Her memory and influence continue to shape Buju’s life and career.

Buju Real Name

The fast-rising artist, widely known as Buju or BujuToYourEars, has captured the hearts of many. However, there seems to be some mystery surrounding his real name.


To dispel any uncertainty, it’s worth noting that the artist once referred to as Buju Banton is none other than Daniel Benson. In an interesting twist, Benson is actually his family name, while Daniel is his given name!

Buju Music Career

Buju Biography

In 2011, like many aspiring musicians, embarked on his journey as a songwriter during his junior secondary school years. It was during this time that he adopted the stage name Drizzle.

His classmates and friends eagerly anticipated the moments when he would showcase his singing and rapping skills. Over time, he became a part of the school choir, gracing various after-school and community events with his performances.

During his university years, Daniel Benson continued to explore his passion for rap. However, he eventually decided to step back from it, influenced by the presence of other exceptionally talented rappers whom he felt surpassed his abilities.


This hiatus from rapping led him to immerse himself in the music of artists like Burna Boy, Buju Banton, Damian Marley, and many others, which in turn broadened his musical horizons.

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In 2017, Buju’s passion for music was reignited while he was still pursuing his university education. During this period, he was working in the field of information technology (IT), a job he didn’t particularly enjoy. To cope with the stress from his work, he turned to freestyling, lyric writing, and immersing himself in music.

Additionally, he began dedicating his free time to visiting shrines, where he honed his vocal skills, composed songs, and began shaping the unique style that would later become his trademark.

His lack of enthusiasm for his IT job eventually led to him being fired. Interestingly, the catalyst for his now-famous stage name, “Buju,” came when he received the news of his job termination. At the time, he was engrossed in Buju Banton’s music, which inspired him to adopt the name.


The name “Buju” has several layers of significance. It’s a term of endearment often used by mothers for chubby children, and it’s also the name of a type of bread baked in Jamaica. Given his stocky build, the rapper known as BujuToYourEars found a personal connection to the name.

His debut single, “Catch a Vibe,” was released in February 2018. While it garnered some attention on platforms like SoundCloud and Twitter, Buju’s breakthrough moment didn’t arrive until June 2019. It was during this time that the musician Zlatan Ibile discovered him on Twitter, particularly impressed by the song “Spiritual” that Buju had released. This discovery marked a turning point in Buju’s budding music career.

Buju Breakthrough Song

He made a significant splash in the Nigerian music scene with the release of his track “Spiritual.” The beat for this 2018 song was crafted by his producer, Steph.


Upon completing the recording, Buju’s friends suggested that adding a feature from the artist Zlatan Ibile would enhance the track. However, being a relatively new artist, Buju faced a financial hurdle when it came to compensating Zlatan Ibile for his participation in the song.

To overcome this, Buju decided to create a video where he edited the song to include Zlatan’s adlibs and posted it on Twitter. Twitter users took to the video, repeatedly tagging Zlatan and sharing their thoughts and comments.

After a month of persistent tagging, Zlatan finally took notice and reposted the video, becoming part of the project. It’s worth noting that Zlatan did not receive any payment from Buju for his contribution to the song.


In 2020, he had the opportunity to meet his idol, Burna Boy. This meeting was sparked by Burna Boy hearing Buju’s track “L’Enu” in a club.

As a result of this encounter, the two artists collaborated to create a new version of “L’Enu,” with Burna Boy even funding the music video. This collaboration marked a significant milestone in Buju’s career.

Buju Songs

here are some of the singles that Buju has released throughout his music career:

  1. “Catch a Vibe” – This was Buju’s debut single, released in February 2018.
  2. “A Day in Lagos” – Following his debut, Buju released “A Day in Lagos,” which gained recognition on SoundCloud and Twitter.
  3. “Spiritual” – This track marked a turning point in Buju’s career and featured Zlatan Ibile. It gained significant attention on social media platforms, particularly Twitter.
  4. “L’Enu” – Buju’s song “L’Enu” caught the attention of Burna Boy, leading to a collaboration between the two artists. Burna Boy also funded the music video for this track.
  • Aje  (2018)
  • Balance It (2018)
  • L’Enu  (2019)
  • “Spiriulal” featuring Zlatan Ibile  (2019)
  • Commander (2019)
  • “Feeling” Buju and Ladipo (2021)
  • Outside   (2021)
  • Sorry I’m Late EP (2021).

These are just a few of the notable songs that have contributed to Buju’s rise in the Nigerian music industry. His talent and unique style have continued to gain him recognition among music enthusiasts.

His Record Label

When singer Buju first started getting attention from music fans on social media, the singer was not signed to any record label at the time.

However, after he released the “L’Enu” remix with his musical hero Burna Boy, Buju was signed to later Spaceship Collective, a record label that also signed Burna Boy’s sister Nissi Ogulu. Spaceship Collective also signed Burna Boy.

It has been reported that Buju left Spaceship Collective after the April expiration of his contract with the record label. In the meantime, he renounced his intention to renew the contract.

It would appear that Buju is an independent artist now that his newest EP, titled “Sorry I’m Late,” has been made available. In October of 2021, the EP was made available for purchase by “To Your Ears Entertainment.”

According to reports, Buju’s new record label is called “To Your Ears Entertainment,” and he reportedly owns the company.

While this is going on, neither Burna Boy nor Buju have commented on his departure from his previous record label Spaceship Collective.


According to the findings of several studies, Buju has not been honoured with any award since making his debut in the Nigerian music industry.

The Jamaican recording artist Buju Banton is frequently confused with BujuToYourEars, and the latter’s accolades are frequently ascribed to the former. This is because their names are extremely similar to one another.


In spite of this, considering how talented, creative, and original his sound is, it won’t be long before he starts receiving awards for his work!

Net Worth

Due to the fact that Daniel Benson is a relatively new artist, information regarding his net worth has not yet been made public. On the other hand, it is estimated that he has a wealth of between $100,000 and $200,000.

In addition to this, he is one of the rapidly ascending artists who asks for more than $10,000 for a feature. Since he gained fame, much has changed in Buju’s life.

Social Media Handle

You can follow singer BujuToYourEars on Instagram @Bujutoyourears. While on Twitter  @Bujutoyourears

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Her educational path began at Command Children’s School in Yaba, where she received her primary education. She continued her academic journey at Ogunlade College in Surulere for her secondary education, laying a strong foundation for her future pursuits. Ellaley’s commitment to education remained steadfast as she went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Lagos.

Ellaley’s passion for dancing ignited at a young age, and she diligently honed her craft, transforming it into a remarkable skill. Her incredible talent led her to collaborate with some of Nigeria’s biggest music stars, including the likes of Falz, Dammy Krane, Teni, Olamide, Wande Coal, and the iconic Burna Boy.

Beyond her dance collaborations, Ellaley has graced screens and commercials for renowned brands such as Glo, MTN, Fidelity Bank, APC, and Nairabox, showcasing her versatility as both a dancer and a model.

In 2014, Ellaley joined forces with fellow talented artists Roseline, Ifeoma, and Ella to form the GGB Dance Crew. This all-female crew quickly gained popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, captivating audiences with their creative choreography, high-energy performances, and fearless fashion choices.

Ellaley’s talents extend beyond the realm of dance; she is also recognized as a model and a TV personality. As of 2023, her impressive career has contributed to a net worth of $500,000, a testament to her hard work and dedication.

In matters of her personal life, Ellaley remains private about her relationship status, and to date, she has not tied the knot. She continues to engage and entertain her fans through her vibrant presence on social media platforms, including Instagram (@ellaley_), Twitter (@Ellaley_), and TikTok (@Ellaley_).

Emmanuella Odiley, alias Ellaley, embodies the spirit of determination and creativity, proving that with passion and talent, one can achieve great heights in the world of entertainment and beyond. Her journey continues to inspire aspiring artists, dancers, and social media enthusiasts across Nigeria and beyond.

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