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Buju Biography Wikipedia, Real Name, from which State, Music

Find below Buju BiographyWikipedia, Real Name, from which State, Music and record labels.

This article contains information about Buju Banton’s biography, including his real name, musical career, age, state, and net worth, as well as a popular song.

Buju is a stage name for the Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and performer who goes by the name BujuToYourEars.


The following provides a detailed account of Buju Banton’s life, including his biography, profile, and other fundamental facts.

Buju Biography, Wiki and  Profile

Buju Biography

Summary of , Profile

  • Name : Buju or BujuToYourEars
  • Real Name:  Daniel Benson
  • Age :  24 years
  • Place of Birth :  Lagos State
  • State of Origin : Awka Ibom State
  • Nationality:  Nigeria
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, producer
  • Date of Birth:  1997
  • Net Worth  : $150,000 – $200,000
  • Music Associate  : Zlatan Ibile, Burna Boy, Ladipo

Buju Biography

It was in that Daniel Benson, better known as Buju or BujuToYourEars, was born into a family that belonged to the middle class.


Young Buju lived in Gbagada with his mother before the two of them moved to Mowe, which is located in the state of Ogun. He is originally from the state of Awka Ibom.

When he was still in school, he began to develop a passion for music. According to him, the majority of the time he would sing songs by artists such as D’Bang, P-Square, 9ice, and Olu Maintain.

Buju gave credit to his late mother for teaching him how to speak Yoruba, despite the fact that he is not of Yoruba descent, when asked how he acquired the ability to communicate in Yoruba.


Additionally, Buju’s cherished mother passed away from cancer at a young age despite the fact that she had fought the disease for many years.

Buju Real Name

Everyone has a lot of love for the rapidly rising artist Buju, who also goes by the name BujuToYourEars, but very few people know what his real name is.

To clear up any confusion, the artist formerly known as Buju Banton was actually born Daniel Benson. Benson is his family name, despite the fact that Daniel is his given name!

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Buju Music Career

Buju Biography

2011 was the year that Buju, like the majority of musicians, began his career as a songwriter in junior secondary school. After that, he began performing under the stage name Drizzle.

Hearing him sing and rap is something that many of his classmates and friends look forward to doing. After some time, he joined the school choir and began giving performances at various after-school and community events.

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While attending university, Buju continued to rap, but he eventually stopped because he was exposed to a lot of other talented rappers who, in his opinion, were better than he was.

As a result, he quit rapping and took a break from the music industry. On the other hand, he started listening to music by artists such as Burna Boy, Buju Banton, Damian Marley, and many others.

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Despite this, Buju eventually developed a renewed interest in music in 2017, while he was still attending university. During that time, he was working in information technology (IT), but he disliked the work.

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Because of this, he developed the practise of freestyling, writing lyrics, and listening to music as a way to deal with the stress brought on by his work.

Additionally, he began devoting some of his spare time to visiting shrines. There, he develops his voice, writes songs, and begins to create the signature style that he will later perfect.

He was fired from his job because of the casual manner in which he approached his work. It seems that when the letter arrived, he was preoccupied with what he was hearing from Buju Banton.

This gave him the idea for his now-famous stage name, “Buju,” in part because the meaning of the name is something he can identify with.

A name given to chubby children by their mothers, buju is also the name of a type of bread baked in Jamaica. The rapper known as BujuToYourEars chose to go by his stage name because of his stocky build.

Catch a Vibe” was Buju’s debut single, and it was released in February of 2018. After some time, he released his second song, titled “A Day in Lagos,” which brought him some recognition on Soundcloud and .

On the other hand, Buju’s major breakthrough didn’t come until June 2019, when the musician Ibile noticed him on because of the song “Spiritual” he had released.

Buju Breakthrough Song

Buju made his significant entrance into the Nigerian music industry with the release of the song “Spiritual.” A 2018 beat that was made by his producer Steph was used in the recording of the song.

After he had finished recording the song, his friends persuaded him that a feature from the artist Ibile would be a good addition to the track.

However, because Buju is a relatively new artist, he did not have the financial means to compensate Ibile for his participation in the feature song.

As a result, he decided to record a video, edit the song to include Zlatan’s adlibs, and then post the video on . users responded strongly to this by beginning to tag Zlatan in the video with their thoughts and comments.

After tagging the video repeatedly for a whole month, Zlatan finally decided to repost it and get in on the action. Additionally, the singer Zlatan did not receive any payment from Buju in exchange for the song.

In the year 2020, Buju finally got to meet his hero Burna Boy. After hearing Buju’s song “L’Enu” in a club, this event was precipitated by Burna.

After that, the artist collaborated to record a new version of “L’Enu.” Burna Boy was also responsible for funding the music video.

Buju Songs

While providing information about Buju Bio, it is essential to run through some of the songs that he has put out.

Since the beginning of his career as a musician, Buju has distributed a few singles under his name. It’s true for some of them;

  • A Day in Lagos (2018)
  • Catch a Vibe (2018)
  • Aje  (2018)
  • Balance It (2018)
  • L’Enu  (2019)
  • “Spiriulal” featuring Zlatan Ibile  (2019)
  • Commander (2019)
  • L’Enu featuring Burna Boy (2020)
  • “Feeling” Buju and Ladipo (2021)
  • Outside   (2021)
  • Sorry I’m Late EP (2021)

His Record Label

When singer Buju first started getting attention from music fans on social media, the singer was not signed to any record label at the time.

However, after he released the “L’Enu” remix with his musical hero Burna Boy, Buju was signed to later Spaceship Collective, a record label that also signed Burna Boy’s sister Nissi Ogulu. Spaceship Collective also signed Burna Boy.

It has been reported that Buju left Spaceship Collective after the April expiration of his contract with the record label. In the meantime, he renounced his intention to renew the contract.

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It would appear that Buju is an independent artist now that his newest EP, titled “Sorry I’m Late,” has been made available. In October of 2021, the EP was made available for purchase by “To Your Ears Entertainment.”

According to reports, Buju’s new record label is called “To Your Ears Entertainment,” and he reportedly owns the company.

While this is going on, neither Burna Boy nor Buju have commented on his departure from his previous record label Spaceship Collective.


According to the findings of several studies, Buju has not been honoured with any award since making his debut in the Nigerian music industry.

The Jamaican recording artist Buju Banton is frequently confused with BujuToYourEars, and the latter’s accolades are frequently ascribed to the former. This is because their names are extremely similar to one another.

However, it is essential to point out that Nigerian musician Buju has not yet been honoured with any award in the Nigerian music industry, despite receiving a nomination for the Headies.

In spite of this, considering how talented, creative, and original his sound is, it won’t be long before he starts receiving awards for his work!

Net Worth

Due to the fact that Buju is a relatively new artist, information regarding his net worth has not yet been made public. On the other hand, it is estimated that he has a wealth of between $100,000 and $200,000.

In addition to this, he is one of the rapidly ascending artists who asks for more than $10,000 for a feature. Since he gained fame, much has changed in Buju’s life.

Social Media Handle

You can follow singer BujuToYourEars on Instagram @Bujutoyourears. While on Twitter  @Bujutoyourears

Thanks for reading , Real Name, from which State, Music and all you need to know.


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