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Can I write Post UTME in Two Schools? All you need to know


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It is dependent on the rules and regulations of each school. While some schools may permit it, others may not. Check the guidelines and instructions for the schools that interest you and adhere to them accordingly. It is essential to ensure that you meet each school’s requirements and deadlines.

Can I write Post UTME in two Schools
In general, it is possible to take the Post-UTME in two schools, but it depends on each school’s rules and regulations. Here are some essential details to remember:

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Check each institution’s guidelines and instructions before applying. Others may allow you to apply to multiple programmes or submit multiple Post-UTMEs.

Ensure that you meet each school’s requirements and deadlines. This includes submitting the application on time, paying any applicable fees, and submitting all required documentation.


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Noting that submitting Post-UTME applications to two schools may increase your workload and necessitates that you balance your study time accordingly is important. It may also increase your costs, as you may be required to pay multiple application fees and other costs.

Be aware that some schools may give preference to applicants who apply to a single programme and submit a single Post-UTME. This is because they may perceive such candidates as more dedicated and goal-oriented.

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Can I write Post UTME in two Schools

In conclusion, it is possible to take the Post-UTME in two schools, but you must carefully review the guidelines and instructions for each school and meet all deadlines and requirements.

Here are some tips on how to score high and pass your Post UTME exam.

  1. Understand Post UTME Format
  2. Study Post UTME Syllabus
  3. Develop Effective Study Skills
  4. Create A Good Study Environment
  5. Practice Post UTME Past Questions
  6. Boost Your Confidence in Post UTME Exam
  7. Practice Post UTME Questions Online
  8. Stay Informed On Post UTME News
  9. Register for Your Post UTME
  10. Know Your Exam Date and Venue
  11. Arrive Early at Your Exam Venue
  12. Eat Well Stay Healthy
  13. Overcome Post UTME Anxiety and Stay Calm
  14. Follow Post UTME Rules and Regulations of Post UTME Exam
  15. Learn to Answer Post UTME Questions
  16. Check Your Post UTME Result
  17. Calculate Your Total Score

How to write post utme

Follow the aforementioned list of 17 steps to achieve a high score and pass the Post-UTME examination.

What Is Post UTME Exam

The Post UTME exam is a screening examination conducted by tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

It is a method adopted to select qualified students for admission.

What Is the Difference Between JAMB and Post UTME Exam

In Nigeria, the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) administers national examinations.

The board regulates admission procedures at Nigeria’s various postsecondary institutions.

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Students must pass the JAMB examination for admission consideration.

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The Post UTME examination is a screening test administered by Nigerian universities.

Universities and polytechnics use exams to determine which students are qualified for admission.

Admission eligibility is determined by a candidate’s JAMB and Post-UTME scores.

Difference Between Screening and Post UTME

There is no distinction between the screening and the Post-UTME examination. However, in some institutions, the screening process consists of an online application and no aptitude test.

You must be aware that every school in Nigeria conducts Post UTME registration and screening.

However, some universities and polytechnics do not administer Post UTME exams. Take note of the distinction.

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What to Read for Post UTME

For your Post UTME examination, you must use the JAMB syllabus and prescribed texts.

Do not read outside of your chosen school’s subject area. Additionally, practise previous questions to identify and test your weaknesses.

Is Screening different from Post UTME

Yes, Screening is distinct from Post UTME; for Post UTME, you will be required to take an exam, whereas in screening, there is no exam and only the submission of requested credentials is required.

How is screening done in University?

This method is known as POST UTME, just like JAMB. Universities employing this method of screening allow the student to sit for another exam with questions created by the institution.

Thanks for reading the post titled”  Can I write Post UTME in two Schools” and how to pass JAMB with high score.

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