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Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today – October 10, 2023: Abokifx USD to NGN Rate

Dollar to naira today black market exchange rates

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate for October 10, 2023:

In the ever-evolving financial landscape of Nigeria, the Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate, also known as the parallel market rate, continues to experience the relentless rise of the US dollar against the Nigerian naira. This unofficial market, where foreign currencies are traded without official government authorization, has become a vital reference point for many Nigerians, offering a more realistic view of the economic situation compared to official exchange rates.

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate on October 10, 2023:


According to reports from bureau de change (BDC) operators, the Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate for the US dollar to naira is as follows:

  • Buying: 996 NGN for $1
  • Selling: 1005 NGN for $1

In simpler terms, black market traders are purchasing one US dollar for 996 naira from customers and selling it for 1005 naira. This represents a significant difference when compared to official rates.

CBN Official Exchange Rates as of October 10, 2023:


The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) sets the official exchange rates, which are as follows:

  • Buying: 764.02 NGN for $1
  • Selling: 768.02 NGN for $1

Under these official rates, the CBN buys one US dollar for 764.02 naira and sells it for 768.02 naira through authorized dealers.

Additionally, data indicates that the average bank exchange rate for the dollar to naira on the same date was as follows:

  • Buying: 775.04 NGN for $1
  • Selling: 780.04 NGN for $1

This means that banks were selling one US dollar for 780.04 naira and buying it from customers for 775.04 naira.

Factors Influencing the Naira’s Depreciation Against the Dollar:


Several factors contribute to the depreciation of the naira against the US dollar, including:

1. Oil Prices: Nigeria’s economy heavily relies on revenue generated from oil exports. A decrease in oil prices reduces Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings and negatively affects its balance of payments.

2. Forex Demand: Nigeria faces significant demand for foreign exchange to cover imports, service debts, repatriate profits, and fulfill various financial obligations. This persistent high demand often exceeds the available supply, leading to pressure on the naira’s value.

3. Forex Supply: Nigeria’s foreign exchange supply comes from various sources, including oil exports, non-oil exports, remittances, investments, loans, and reserves. These supplies can be influenced by external factors such as fluctuations in oil prices, global economic conditions, sanctions, and currency conflicts.

4. CBN Policies: The Central Bank of Nigeria implements various policies and interventions to manage the exchange rate of the naira and stabilize the forex market. These measures include the multiple exchange rate system, the forex ban list, the forex allocation system, the forex intervention program, and the forex futures market.


5. Market Sentiments: Market sentiments, including expectations, confidence, speculation, rumors, and emotions, significantly influence forex demand and supply. They can impact the behavior of forex dealers and customers.

The exchange rate of the dollar to naira holds great significance as an economic indicator of Nigeria’s performance and stability. This rate varies across different markets, including the CBN, banks, and the black market. While CBN and bank rates are officially regulated, the black market rate is determined by market forces.


As of October 9, 2023, the CBN exchange rate for the dollar to naira was 999.31 NGN for $1, the bank exchange rate stood at 780.04 NGN for $1, and the black market rate was 1005 NGN for $1. These figures highlight the dynamic nature of the forex landscape in Nigeria and its impact on the country’s economy.



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