Former NERC DG Calls for scrapping of Nigerian Law School


Nigerian Law School should be scrapped.

In a thought-provoking address at the 2023 endowment launch for the ‘IgbaBoyi,’ an Igbo apprenticeship scheme organized by Igbo lawyers under the banner of Otu Oka-Iwu, Sam Amadi, a prominent lawyer and former Director-General of the , has called on the Federal Government to consider scrapping the Nigerian Law School. The event took place on Friday in Abuja and sparked discussions on the nation’s legal education system.

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Amadi’s remarks were underpinned by his belief that Nigeria should reevaluate its entire legal education framework, emphasizing that the current structure of the Nigerian Law School is no longer effective in fulfilling its intended purpose.

In his address, Amadi expressed his concerns, stating, “So, I think that we need to rethink the whole framework of Nigeria. In my view, the law school is failing. It is no longer serving its purpose.”


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He went on to elaborate on his views, pointing out the need for practical, technical education, which he believes is better offered within law firms rather than at the law school. Amadi noted that a significant number of law school graduates do not eventually practice law, which raises questions about the institution’s role in shaping the legal profession.

Amadi further argued that the current curriculum at the law school lacks rigor, both in terms of academic and practical training. His perspective, therefore, calls for a shift in focus towards universities, where comprehensive academic training can be provided to aspiring lawyers.


The call to reevaluate the Nigerian Law School is one that invites reflection on the country’s legal education system as a whole. As the legal community engages in discussions inspired by Sam Amadi’s remarks, it remains to be seen how this proposal will resonate with policymakers and stakeholders in the legal education sector. The question of whether the law school’s current structure adequately prepares future lawyers for the complexities of the profession is a matter that will likely continue to spark debate and deliberation within Nigeria’s legal circles.

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