Global Youth Unemployment Rankings

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Youth Unemployment Rates: South Africa and Nigeria Lead, Switzerland at the Bottom


A recent report from the World of Statistics has ranked countries based on their youth unemployment rates, shedding light on the challenges faced by young job seekers across the globe.


South Africa and Nigeria top the list with the highest youth unemployment rates, while Switzerland emerges as the country with the lowest percentage of unemployed youth.

According to the ranking, South Africa occupies the first spot with a staggering 62.1% youth unemployment rate.

Nigeria closely follows in second place, recording a significant 53.4% unemployment rate among its young population. Spain, with a rate of 27.4%, secures the third position in the list.


Sweden and Serbia share the fourth and fifth places, both reporting a youth unemployment rate of 24.9%. These rankings highlight the urgent need for targeted strategies and initiatives to address the employment challenges faced by young individuals in these nations.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, countries with the lowest youth unemployment rates offer a contrasting picture. South Korea, often known for its technological advancements, boasts an impressive 6.1% youth unemployment rate. Hong Kong closely follows with 5.5%, while Japan maintains a relatively low 4.2%.

Kazakhstan and Switzerland stand out as the countries with the lowest youth unemployment rates, reporting rates of 3.6% and a mere 1.8%, respectively.

These numbers reflect the positive employment prospects for young individuals in these nations and highlight the effectiveness of their economic and educational systems in preparing the youth for the job market.


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Here’s a breakdown of the youth unemployment rates for the various countries, according to the report:

1. South Africa: 62.1%

2. Nigeria: 53.4%

3. Spain: 27.4%


4. Sweden: 24.9%

5. Serbia: 24.9%


6. Sri Lanka: 23.8%

7. Greece: 23.6%

8. Albania: 22.5%


9. Romania: 21.7%

10. Iran: 21.6%

11. China: 21.3%


12. Italy: 21.3%

13. Turkey: 21.6%

14. Luxembourg: 19.6%


15. Croatia: 19%

16. Slovakia: 18.8%

17. Portugal: 17.2%

18. France: 16.9%

19. Jamaica: 16.7%

20. Finland: 15.8%

21. Estonia: 15.6%

22. Belgium: 13.9%

23. Lithuania: 13.8%

24. Hungary: 13.3%

25. Taiwan: 12.03%

26. United Kingdom: 11.4%

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27. Latvia: 11%

28. Cyprus: 10.8%

29. Ireland: 10.7%

30. New Zealand: 10.3%

31. Poland: 10.3%

32. Canada: 10.2%

33. Norway: 10.2%

34. Austria: 9.6%

35. Denmark: 9.3%

36. Netherlands: 8.3%

37. United States: 8%

38. Australia: 7.75%

39. Vietnam: 7.41%

40. Thailand: 6.5%

41. Germany: 6.1%

42. South Korea: 6.1%

43. Hong Kong: 5.5%

44. Japan: 4.2%

45. Kazakhstan: 3.6%

46. Switzerland: 1.8%

The stark disparities in youth unemployment rates between different countries underscore the importance of policy interventions, education reform, and job creation initiatives to support young individuals in securing meaningful employment opportunities.

As nations strive to build stronger economies and societies, addressing the issue of youth unemployment remains a critical priority

These statistics provide an in-depth view of the youth unemployment landscape across various countries and offer insights into the varying levels of success in tackling this pressing issue.

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