How former military general behind CBN naira swap, forced Tambuwal to step down for Atiku — Source


How former military general behind CBN naira swap, forced Tambuwal to step down for Atiku


A former military general has been accused of being behind the CBN naira swap strategy, Ejesgist News reports.


According to a source who spoke to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity, claimed that a certain retired military commander is the mastermind behind the Naira swap strategy, which is being implemented in order to make a path that is less rocky for Atiku’s ascendance to power.


Atiku, Tinubu presidency divides northern elders as El-Rufai declares war against former military generals


Speaking further, the source revealed that in order for Alhaji to emerge as the PDP’s presidential candidate, the General played a behind-the-scenes role. He is said to have mobilized delegates and mounted pressure on other Northern aspirants to withdraw from the race. Additionally, the source disclosed that the withdrawal of Sokoto State Governor Aminu Tambuwal from the primary , after it kicked off, was due to the pressure from the General

According to the source, “It was a retired general who was behind the CBN Naira exchange who was responsible for forcing Tambuwal to resign down so that Atiku could take his place. He is more aligned with Buhari, but in light of Tinubu’s victory in the APC primary election, he intends for the North to maintain its grip on political power.”



The insider went on to say that Atiku and some other PDP bigwigs have not been condemning the scarcity of Naira because they are the ones who are responsible for it.


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