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A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining Nigerian International Passport online.

Learn how to apply for a Nigerian International passport online in a few simple steps. Visit the NIS portal, fill the application form, pay the fee, and book an appointment

for Obtaining Passport.

In ’s interconnected world, the desire to explore beyond borders is a shared aspiration. As a responsible citizen of Nigeria, understanding the process of acquiring an international passport is crucial, whether it’s for travel, visiting loved ones abroad, or pursuing education.



How to apply for Nigerian International passport online

To initiate the application process, visit the official Nigerian Immigration portal at If you’re a first-time applicant, click on “apply for fresh passport” to access the application form.

Make sure you  provide the correct information such as your National Identification Number (NIN), photograph, and date of birth.

Following the online submission, proceed to the nearest Immigration Office for biometric capture—a necessary step in the rejuvenated application process.


This meticulous approach aims to enhance the overall efficiency of passport issuance.

NIS Launches Automated Passport Application Portal, Process now 6 minutes


Nigerian Passport Reaches Nine Spots in Global Ranking

Can I apply for a Nigerian passport online if I’m abroad?

When you visit the portal above, click apply from Abroad.

It’s imperative for you to know the different types of passports in Nigeria.  The  following are the various passport types available in Nigeria:

  1. Official Passport: Reserved for government officials.
  2. Diplomatic Passport: Exclusive to high-ranking government officials like the President and Vice-President.
  3. Standard Passport: Accessible to every Nigerian citizen for international travel, distinguished by its green cover.
  4. Pilgrim Passport: Issued to Nigerians embarking on religious pilgrimages or rites.

Understanding these distinctions ensures applicants choose the appropriate passport type aligned with their needs.

By following these steps and staying informed about the application process and passport types, Nigerians can seamlessly navigate the journey to acquiring an international passport, unlocking new possibilities for global exploration..



FAQs on Applying for a Nigerian Passport Online


1. Can I apply for a Nigerian passport online if I’m abroad?

Yes, you can apply for a Nigerian passport online if you’re abroad, as long as you’re at a Nigerian Mission or consulate in your current country of residence. The process might differ slightly depending on the specific mission or consulate. You can contact them directly for detailed instructions.


2. How long does it take to get a Nigerian passport online?

The processing time for online passport applications in Nigeria can vary depending on several factors, including the workload at the processing center, the type of passport application (standard or official), and whether you request express processing. The estimated processing time is usually between 4 and 6 weeks, but it could be longer under certain circumstances. You can track your application status online after submission.


3. What happens after I submit my online passport application?

Once you submit your online application and pay the necessary fees, you will receive a confirmation email with your application reference number. You’ll need to visit the designated Biometric Verification Center (BVC) for fingerprinting and photo capture within a specific timeframe. After verification, your application enters the processing stage, and you can track its progress online using your reference number.

4. Common mistakes to avoid when applying for a Nigerian passport online:

Incomplete or inaccurate application form: Ensure you fill out the form completely and accurately, with all required information and supporting documents.

Incorrect passport type: Choose the correct passport type (standard or official) based on your needs and eligibility.


Wrong payment method or transaction issues: Double-check your payment details and ensure the transaction goes through successfully.

Missing documents: Submit all required documents in the specified format and size.


Biometric verification delay: Don’t miss your appointment at the BVC for fingerprinting and photo capture.

5. Can I pay for my passport online in Nigeria?

Yes, you can pay for your passport application online in Nigeria using debit cards, credit cards, or through some designated bank branches. However, the available payment options might differ depending on the specific processing center. Make sure to check the official NIS website or contact the chosen center for current information.

Nigerian E-Passport Application: This refers to the electronic format of the new Nigerian passport, which you can apply for online.


Online Passport Application Nigeria: the  process of applying for a Nigerian passport electronically through the official NIS portal.

NIS Passport Application Guide: The NIS website provides a comprehensive guide for online pass port applications, including eligibility requirements, document checklist, and fee details.

Renew International Passport Online Nigeria: You can also renew your expired Nigerian passport online using the same process as mentioned above.


Get E-Passport Nigeria: this can be obtain through online application.

Passport fee is 26,000 for small booklet 

Finally not on How to apply for Nigerian International passport online.

We hope this post helps you navigate the process of applying for a Nigerian passport online smoothly. Remember to always refer to the official NIS website or contact your nearest Nigerian Mission/consulate for the latest information and updates.




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