How to get Elon Musk’s Starlink internet in Nigeria


, Elon Musk‘s company SpaceX’s disruptive satellite internet service launched in 2019, has been available for pre-order in Nigeria since the second quarter of last year.


SpaceX began working with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in 2021 to secure a licence to operate in the country. It began shipping to users across the country in December 2022.


The Starlink satellite internet service has gained popularity among tech enthusiasts due to its ease of setup and speed.


Unlike fibre optic internet, which requires users to pay for cable connections, set up, and configuration by internet service provider members, Starlink comes with a kit that includes a dish and base, the WiFi router, cable, AC cable, and a manual to guide users through the setup process. No strangers will be entering your home to manually set up the internet with Starlink.


Users must first download the app and then follow the setup instructions.

Here's how to get Elon Musk's Starlink internet in Nigeria
A Starlink in Nigeria. Image Source: Twitter


Nigerians who have already received their Starlink Internet dish claimed on twitter that the satellite internet is faster than most Nigerian internet service providers, whether cable or wireless.



According to speed tests performed by users whose orders have arrived, the internet speed ranges from 160 to 240 megabytes per second.


Users can ostensibly travel to almost any part of the world with a sky above it and get an internet connection because it uses satellite to provide its internet. This means that Starlink users can travel to areas where there is no technology and still have internet access as long as they can power the router.

Users must enter their address on the website to see if Starlink is available in their area, as with other Elon Musk products. Users can then place an order. To place an order, you must enter your contact information, which is how the delivery agent will contact you, as well as your billing information, which is how Space X will collect their fees from you.

Then it will take some time to get shipping approval. Previously, pre-ordered users had to wait months for approval. However, now that the product is available in Nigeria, it is expected to take less time, usually only a few weeks or less.

Users pay a portion of the charge when they place their order. After that, when Space X is ready to ship the product, users are invited to pay the balance charge in total, after which the product can be expected to arrive.

No one in Nigeria has yet received same-day delivery from Starlink. However, since it began shipping to Nigeria in December, users have reported faster delivery times.


How much is Starlink Internet in Africa?
Boxes of Starlinks ready to be shipped. image credit: Twitter

Users who have received their orders have reported that it took a week for their package to arrive after they were approved and invited to pay the balance.

According to Starlink, the deposit is fully refundable at any time while the product is being shipped. If users do not complete their payment after their device has been approved and is ready to ship, their initial deposit is fully refunded after a certain period of time.


What is the cost of Starlink?


The hardware costs $600, while the monthly subscription costs $43. The deposit fee has been reduced to 43 dollars, which will be paid when the order is placed. The remaining $600 will be paid when the device is ready to ship. There is currently no shipping charge.


Due to the restrictions on international transactions on naira debit cards, users interested in purchasing Starlink would need to use a dollar card. It means they’ll have to buy dollars on the black market and pay the black market price for the product.


Users will pay $43 at N31,390 for the initial deposit and monthly subscription at that rate. Then there’s the N438,000 one-time fee of $600 for the hardware.

How much is Starlink Internet in Africa?

Starlink begins charging for internet 15 days after it is shipped.



Is Starlink available in Nigeria?


YES, Elon Musk’s Starlink internet is currently being used by Nigerians.


Can I get Starlink in Africa?

Yes, Starlink has received regulatory approval in the first two African countries; Starlink is now licenced on all seven continents! That means that Starlink is currently available in three African countries: Malawi, Mozambique, and Nigeria are among the African countries that have licenced the service, with more on the way.


How much is Starlink Internet in Africa?


To instal Starlink, you must pay $599 up front and $110 monthly. The premium package has an installation fee of $2500 and a monthly fee of $500. These costs effectively make the internet even less accessible in Africa. In Nigeria it will cost you 200k monthly, hoping that the price will reduce soon.






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