Elon Musk to Step Down as Twitter CEO as 10 million Twitter Users Vote in Support

Elon Musk

: 10m Users Vote In Support Of the poll for Elon’s Resignation As

After less than two months as the company’s leader, Elon Musk, the CEO of , has been asked to resign from his executive position.

Early on Monday morning, Musk asked his followers to vote in a poll he posted on his Twitter account about whether or not he should step down as the company’s CEO.


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Should I resign as Twitter’s CEO? I will follow the poll’s findings,” he tweeted.

After receiving more than 17 million votes and over 10 million yes votes to 43% no votes, the poll has now come to an end.

Musk said that he did not have a problem finding a CEO for Twitter but rather one who can keep the platform alive after he posted the poll and before it ended.


Finding a CEO is not the issue; the issue is finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive, he wrote in a tweet.

According to the poll’s results, Musk now has the responsibility of finding the CEO who, in his opinion, can keep the platform alive. Musk previously promised his followers that he would abide by the poll’s results.


Since taking control of the platform, Musk has implemented numerous changes that have elicited conflicting responses.

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The app’s platform announced that it would no longer permit users to advertise competing social media sites.

Facebook, Instagram, Truth Social, Mastodon, Tribel, Nostr, and Post are among the competing platforms that are impacted.


Third-party social media link aggregators like linktr.ee and ink.bio, which are particularly well-liked among social media influencers, will also be impacted by the policy.

Following a fight with the host of one of the Spaces he joined, Musk recently disabled the Twitter space feature from the app. However, the business claimed that Space was shut down due to a system error.


Musk tweeted on Sunday to reassure users that major policy changes will moving forward be implemented democratically after the feature was restored.

Major policy changes will be put to a vote moving forward. I apologise. Will not occur once more,” he tweeted.


Twitter: 10m Users Vote In Support Of Elon Musk’s Resignation As CEO





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