How to register for the FG unemployment registration


The FG unemployment registration for jobless persons in Nigeria has begun.


The Federal has retained the services of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) to oversee the registration of individuals who are currently unemployed. Yesterday marked the commencement of an exercise aimed at collecting data on the quantity of jobless individuals within the state.


How To Register For FG Unemployment Registration

To register, visit your local government areas with your NIN, phone number, highest qualification, etc.


Requirements For NDE Unemployed Person Registration

The following information will needed while filling the unemployment form:

  1. Full Name
  2. Contact Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. NIN
  5. Age
  6. Ward
  7. Federal Constituency
  8. Senatorial District
  9. State of Origin
  10. Local Government of Origin
  11. State of Residence
  12. Qualification
  13. Period of Unemployment
  14. Skills Previously Acquired
  15. Required Skill (Vocational/ Entrepreneurship)
  16. Employment Option (Wage/Self Employment)

FG unemployment registration 


For years, Nigeria has been grappling with a persistent problem of high unemployment rates. Nigeria’s unemployment rate has hit a record high in over a decade, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. As of the fourth quarter of 2022, the rate stood at 35.3%.

The high unemployment rate in Nigeria has been attributed to several factors. These factors including a scarcity of employment opportunities, a discrepancy between the skills possessed by job seekers and the demands of the job market, a struggling economy, and a rapid population growth rate.


Furthermore, the country is facing challenges concerning corruption, insufficient infrastructure, and inadequate investment in the education and training of its workforce.

The Nigerian government has taken several steps to tackle the issue of high unemployment rates in the country. These measures include the introduction of job programmes and schemes, the establishment of small and medium enterprises, and the encouragement of entrepreneurship. Despite efforts made to tackle the issue, the high levels of unemployment in Nigeria remain a critical concern that requires further action.


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