I Only Received N2M To Purchase Rechargable Fans – Lagos Deputy Gov, Hamzat Says


Refutes Allegations of Misappropriation

In the midst of recent controversies surrounding purported mismanagement of funds, , the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, has vehemently denied allegations of receiving a staggering N2 billion for the purchase of rechargeable fans, rechargeable lights, and fridges.

In a strongly-worded memo addressed to the Director General of the Public Procurement Agency, clarified that the approved for the project stood at a significantly lower sum of N2 million.


Additionally, he refuted claims that his wife received N30 million monthly for outreach to indigents and empowerment programs, asserting that the actual allocation was N2.5 million per month, covering a span of a year.

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The backlash emerged following reports suggesting approvals of N7.5 million for the replacement of liquid fragrance in Governor ’s office and the alleged N2 billion earmarked for the acquisition of rechargeable fans for the Deputy Governor’s office.


In a memo endorsed by the Director of Finance and Account, Tola Ekemode, on behalf of the Permanent Secretary in the Deputy Governor’s office, Hamzat labeled the reports as “untrue, mischievous, fake, and unfounded.”


He stressed that the approved sum for supply items amounted to N2,017,840, considerably distinct from the reported N2,017,840,000.


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Expressing discontent with the misrepresented claims, Hamzat urged the agency to swiftly rectify the issue by providing the public with an accurate account of the approvals granted.

He firmly asserted that the circulated story diverged significantly from the factual records held by their office, emphasizing the intent to safeguard the reputation of the Deputy Governor and his office against unwarranted tarnishing.


This recent controversy highlights the sensitivity and scrutiny surrounding public expenditure, prompting a call for transparency and accountability in government dealings.

As the narrative unfolds, the Deputy Governor stands resolute in countering what he deems as baseless allegations aimed at besmirching his and his office’s integrity.

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