Interrogation Should Be Conducted On Reason INEC Failed To Upload Presidential Poll Results To IReV – Jega


Former Calls for Investigation into Presidential Poll Result Upload Failure


Professor , the former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has urged the to conduct a thorough investigation into why INEC encountered difficulties in uploading the presidential poll results to the INEC results viewing portal .

During an interview with Arise Television on Tuesday, Professor Jega emphasized that if the commission was confident in its planning process, it should be prepared to accept responsibility for any failures that occurred


He stated, “And if you are so confident with the planning process, and at the end of it all, there is a failure somewhere, you will take the blame because you are the leader.

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But it does not mean you are the one who has deliberately done it because you are compromised. We need to be fair in our assessment


Professor Jega further explained that, prior to his departure from the commission, an evaluation of the success and failure rate of the card reader system was conducted.

He noted that the card reader experienced a failure rate of five percent in deployment, indicating a 95 percent success rat.


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While acknowledging that the card reader system is not flawless, Professor Jega highlighted the significance of the () in enhancing the electoral process.

He pointed out that the major setback experienced during the polls was related to the upload process to the IreV, as initially promised by the chairman


The former INEC chairman stressed the importance of a transparent investigation into the specific issues surrounding the failed upload, particularly in the context of the presidential election.

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He suggested that such an inquiry should be conducted not only by INEC internally but also in a transparent manner to ensure accountability and transparency

This call for an investigation comes amidst ongoing discussions about the performance of electoral technology and processes in Nigeria, emphasizing the need for accountability and continuous improvement in the electoral system.

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