Popular Lagos doctor sentenced to life imprisonment for rape (Photo)


Court sentences Lagos doctor to life imprisonment for raping wife’s niece.

In a landmark ruling, , the Managing Director of the Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the sexual assault and rape of his wife’s niece.


The judgment, handed down by Judge Rahman Oshodi at the Special Offences and Domestic Violence Court in Lagos, has sent a strong message against sexual violence.


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The case dates back to November 2022 when Olaleye was charged by the Lagos state government with two counts of defilement of a child and sexual assault by penetration. Despite pleading not guilty to these charges, the medical doctor faced overwhelming evidence during the trial.

Femi Olaleye
Lagos doctor, Femi Olaleye sentenced to life imprisonment for rape

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The survivor, a minor and a niece of Olaleye’s wife, provided compelling testimony, alleging that Olaleye had violated her for over 20 months. She disclosed that he had introduced her to explicit content and coerced her into sexual acts. The judge found the survivor’s testimony to be consistent and credible.

Judge Oshodi dismissed the defense’s arguments that the survivor was 18 years old when the incidents occurred and that she had consensual sexual encounters with two adults in their residence. Instead, he firmly sided with the survivor’s account, stating, “I believe that the first time he had sex with her, blood gushed out of her vagina. Her evidence greatly implicates the defendant.”


The judge also rejected claims that the survivor was coached to lie against the defendant for financial gain, emphasizing that these allegations could not diminish the evidence of sexual abuse presented during the trial.

Concluding his ruling, Judge Oshodi stated that the prosecution had established beyond reasonable doubt that Olaleye was guilty of defilement and sexual assault by penetration. He sentenced Olaleye to life imprisonment for each count, with the sentences running concurrently.

The verdict sends a powerful message that the justice system takes a strong stance against sexual violence. In addition to the life sentences, Femi Olaleye’s name will be added to the Lagos state sex offenders register. This case highlights the imperative for justice in cases of sexual abuse and the protection of survivors.

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