FBI Told to Investigate Alleged Financial Inducement of Chicago University by Tinubu


NADECO USA Calls for FBI Investigation into Alleged Monetary Inducement and Identity Questions Involving


LAGOS, Nigeria – The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) USA has raised concerns over an alleged monetary inducement to Chicago State University (CSU) by President Bola Tinubu and is urging the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

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This development has sparked interest in the Nigerian-American community, which is now looking closely at candidates’ records and their responses to Nigerian issues before casting their votes.

The focal point of this investigation revolves around President Bola Tinubu’s alleged financial contributions to Chicago State University and the usage of a Social Security number associated with another person. NADECO USA has called upon the FBI to ascertain whether President Tinubu or any third party made donations to CSU with the intent of securing certain privileges.

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In a statement, NADECO USA emphasized the importance of determining the true owner of Social Security number 231-06-0595, which appeared on transcripts used as exhibits in a deposition.


The group is keen on uncovering whether this is a case of identity theft or if the original owner was aware that their Social Security number was being used by someone else.


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The organization’s statement reads, “The issue is whether it is a matter of identity theft or if the original owner of the number was aware that her Social Security number was being used by another person. If SS#: 231-06-0595 is not President Tinubu’s, what is his true Social Security number and under what name is it registered?

NADECO USA, an advocate for transparent governance and accountability, asserted its commitment to ensuring that Nigeria has leaders who are free from corruption and misdeeds. They questioned President Tinubu’s motivations for frequently going to court to prevent the release of certain documents, prompting an examination of his background.


With President Tinubu currently leading Nigeria, NADECO USA believes that it is essential for Nigerian national security and global stability to confirm the integrity of the person presiding over . The group expressed concerns about the potential consequences of a failed Nigerian state or a country where criminal behavior is institutionalized, emphasizing the global impact that a crisis in Nigeria could have.

As a result, NADECO USA is urging the United States University Accreditation Body and the Chicago State University Board of Trustees to investigate the matter in order to preserve the good reputation of Chicago State University.


In conclusion, the organization appealed to American voters and elected officials, calling for a thorough examination of President Bola Tinubu’s background. They emphasized that the world needs to be certain that the leader of Africa’s largest democracy and economy is not involved in criminal activities or identity theft.


The group is now committed to scrutinizing candidates’ records and positions on Nigerian issues before casting their votes, signaling a shift in Nigerian-American voters’ approach to elections.

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