Protests Erupt in Kano State Against ECOWAS Planned Military Deployment in Niger


Tensions are escalating in Kano State as protesters took to the streets on Saturday to voice their strong opposition to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) planned deployment of a standby military force in Niger. Demonstrators united in a procession to express their displeasure at the looming military intervention in the neighboring Niger Republic.

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Marching together, the protestors chanted slogans emphasizing the fraternal bond between the two nations, proclaiming, “Nigeriens are our brothers; Nigeriens are also our family. Niger is ours; we don’t want war; war against Niger is injustice, a plot by the Western forces.” The crowd brandished both Nigerian and Nigerien flags, accompanying their slogans with powerful anti-war messages displayed on placards.


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The protest comes amidst reports of diplomatic tensions between Niger and Nigeria. The Niger junta recently announced a decision to sever diplomatic ties with Nigeria. In response, Nigeria made a consequential move by cutting off electricity supply to Niger. These diplomatic actions underscore the growing strain between the two nations and raise concerns about regional stability.

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The backdrop of the protests and diplomatic maneuvering is the political turmoil that unfolded in the Niger Republic. On July 26, the military junta orchestrated a coup, overthrowing the democratically elected President, Mohamed Bazoum. This move sparked international concerns and reactions, with various countries and organizations weighing in on the situation.


As the situation continues to evolve, the protests in Kano State serve as a reflection of the complex sentiments surrounding the planned ECOWAS military intervention in Niger. While ECOWAS maintains that the deployment is aimed at ensuring stability and security, the residents of Kano State passionately express their dissent, fearing the consequences of armed conflict on their neighboring nation. The outcome of these developments remains uncertain, leaving the region on edge as it grapples with the potential ramifications of both political upheaval and military intervention.



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