NANS President Demands Immediate Arrest of Undercover Reporter in Certificate Racketeering

Ugochukwu Favour, Umar Audu

NANS President Urges Arrest of Undercover Reporter Unveiling Certificate Racketeering


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) President for Benin Republic, Ugochukwu Favour, has strongly called for the arrest of the undercover reporter, Umar Audu, who brought to light corruption in the issuance of certificates within the country.


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In an exclusive interview on Thursday with the Channels TV program Sunrise Daily, Favour criticized Audu for obtaining certificates and having his passport stamped without physically being present.

“Your passport was stamped while you were not available there. Now, and that aside, this guy served in 2019. And he still served again in 2023,” Favour expressed, highlighting the irregularities in Audu’s actions.


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Favour asserted that the reporter’s actions were not only undermining the credibility of government institutions like the Immigration and National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) but also implicating them in the process.

“He has to be arrested. This guy needs to be arrested because, I know, he’s a reporter who is trying to clear out some things, but on that note, you are trying to implicate some persons now because, in a sense, you’re trying to implicate the government, the NYSC, and the immigration,” he emphasized.

When questioned about whether the reporter’s investigation exposed loopholes that needed addressing, the NANS president acknowledged the possibility but urged the government to take swift action.

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I’m not doubting that, but then since this is out already, I want to urge the government to look into it and take the necessary steps as fast as possible,” he responded.

The call for the reporter’s arrest adds a new layer to the ongoing controversy surrounding certificate racketeering, raising questions about the balance between investigative journalism and potential implications on government institutions. The situation demands careful scrutiny to ensure transparency and accountability.



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