Betta Edu looted 3bn, so I transferred 17 billion to my private account to prevent her from further looting — dismissed CEO of NSIPA, Halima Shehu

Betta Edu and Halima Shehu
Betta Edu and Halima Shehu

I transferred 17 billion to my private account to prevent Bola Tinubu’s Minister, , from looting,” stated the dismissed CEO of NSIPA, .

The recently dismissed CEO of NSIPA, Halima Shehu, has come forward with bold claims, asserting that her alleged embezzlement of N30 billion was a strategic move to safeguard funds from Bola Tinubu’s Minister Betta Edu, who is supposedly intending to misappropriate them entirely.

According to Shehu, Edu had already misused a staggering 3 billion within a mere month.


The controversy deepens as Shehu, days after her arrest by the EFCC, faces scrutiny.

Ejes Gist News reports that Halima Shehu was accused of diverting a substantial 17 billion into a private account without presidential authorization. She was then suspended by President Bola Tinubu.

However, a fresh scandal emerges with Minister Betta Edu allegedly involved in the misappropriation of an additional 3 billion Naira.



I acted to Prevent Betta Edu from looting – Halima Shehu

Halima Shehu’s claims of acting to prevent wider embezzlement bring to light an internal struggle for control over substantial funds.

The public awaits further developments as legal proceedings unfold, hoping for transparency and justice in addressing these serious allegations of financial misconduct within NSIPA.


Ejes Gist News Nigeria will keep you updated with the latest news on the ongoing saga with Betta Edu and Halima Shehu as more details unfold.



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