NADECO Urges President Bola Tinubu’s Immediate Resignation Over Certificate Forgery Allegations

NADECO - Pro-democracy group

In a significant development, the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), a pro-democracy group based in the United States, has called for the immediate resignation of President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria amid allegations of certificate forgery.


The allegations, which have cast a shadow over the presidency, were initially raised by NADECO and have now been reiterated by the group’s Executive Director, Lloyd Ukwu, in a recent press statement.


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The crux of the matter revolves around the authenticity of President Tinubu’s academic credentials, specifically his certificate from Chicago State University. NADECO has emphasized that the responsibility commensurate with the office of the President of Nigeria necessitates utmost integrity and adherence to the rule of law.

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The allegations of forgery, if proven true, not only tarnish the presidency but also have the potential to undermine Nigeria’s credibility on the international stage, a risk that could bring embarrassment to the nation.

Lloyd Ukwu, the Executive Director of NADECO USA, emphasized the seriousness of the allegations by pointing out the legal consequences of forgery in both the United States and Nigeria.

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In the United States, forgery can lead to imprisonment and fines, while Nigeria also classifies it as a criminal offense under various sections of its legal codes, with penalties ranging from imprisonment to fines, depending on the circumstances.

NADECO’s call for President Tinubu’s resignation is grounded in the belief that leaders, especially those holding the highest public office in the country, must set an example in upholding the highest ethical standards.



The group argues that this is not only a legal requirement but a moral imperative. They stress the importance of voluntary resignation in preserving the integrity of the presidency and the nation.

Furthermore, NADECO expressed concern about the distraction caused by the forgery allegations at a time when Nigeria is grappling with multiple challenges, including security, economic stability, and social development. They assert that the country needs a leader who can focus on addressing these pressing issues without the burden of forgery allegations.

NADECO Calls on Bola Tinubu to Resign

NADECO’s renewed call for President Bola Tinubu’s resignation over certificate forgery allegations reflects the group’s commitment to democracy, transparency, and accountability in Nigeria. They have urged relevant authorities in both Nigeria and the United States to thoroughly investigate the allegations to ensure justice is served.

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NADECO’s message to President Tinubu is clear: consider the best interests of Nigeria and its people and step down voluntarily in the interest of preserving the nation’s integrity.

As this situation unfolds, Nigeria watches with bated breath to see how the President and the relevant authorities respond to these serious allegations that have the potential to reshape the country’s political landscape.



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