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Federal Government Suspends Npower Program Indefinitely.

  1. The Nigerian government has indefinitely suspended the Npower program due to various issues within the scheme.
  2. Minister Betta Edu disclosed that some beneficiaries remain on the payroll despite no longer participating, and others were meant to exit in 2022.
  3. A thorough investigation is underway to examine the program’s finances and beneficiary status, with plans for comprehensive restructuring and expansion to address the problems.

In a significant development, the Federal Government has announced the indefinite suspension of the Npower program, a flagship initiative aimed at tackling youth unemployment and promoting social development. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu, made this announcement during an interview with TVC News.


The decision to suspend the Npower program, which has been instrumental in providing employment opportunities to thousands of Nigerian youths, stems from several identified flaws within the scheme. Minister Edu highlighted the need to address these issues and ensure the effective utilization of funds allocated to the program.

One of the key concerns raised by the Minister is the presence of beneficiaries who are no longer actively engaged in their assigned roles but continue to expect monthly stipends. Shockingly, some beneficiaries were supposed to have exited the program as early as 2022, yet they remain on the payroll, drawing stipends from the government.

Minister Betta Edu emphasized the importance of a thorough investigation into the program’s finances and beneficiary status. She stated, “We must go back to look into Npower and understand what the problems are, so we will basically suspend the program for now until we are done with a proper investigation into the utilization of funds in the Npower program.”


The government’s probe aims to ascertain the number of individuals currently enrolled in the program, identify those owed stipends, and determine the outstanding amounts. Additionally, the Npower program is set for a comprehensive restructuring and expansion to address these issues and enhance its overall effectiveness.

Minister Edu’s remarks shed light on a concerning situation where many beneficiaries have allegedly continued to receive stipends despite no longer actively participating in the program. She revealed, “About 80 percent of them are not working yet they are claiming salaries.”

The Npower Program, initiated during former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, was designed to combat youth unemployment and contribute to social development. While the suspension of the program raises questions about its future, it is clear that the government is committed to addressing the identified challenges and ensuring the program’s continued success in the long run.



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