Onanuga slams NLC Accuses the Labour Union Of Political Agenda, playing Peter Obi and Labour party script, Urges Workers To Ignore Strike


Onanuga Accuses NLC Of Political Agenda, Urges Workers To Ignore Strike


Bayo Onanuga, the Director of Media and Publicity for the disbanded All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council, has urged Nigerian workers to disregard the directives of the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Joe Ajaero, regarding the strike scheduled to begin on Wednesday over the removal of fuel subsidies.

Onanuga stated via his verified Twitter account that the union led by Ajaero is playing politics and following the opposition Labour Party’s script.



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The statement stated, in part, that “NLC President Joe Ajaero has asked workers to go on strike next Wednesday over the removal of petrol subsidy, despite being aware of the distressing financial figures that demonstrated why the subsidy should have been eliminated long ago.” My advice to perceptive Nigerian workers and citizens is to ignore Ajaero and his ilk. He is playing politics and following the opposition Labour Party’s script in an attempt to destabilise the young Tinubu administration.

“Furthermore, it is unclear whose interests Ajaero is defending, given that he did not oppose the position of his Labour Party and presidential candidate, who campaigned on the promise to eliminate subsidies immediately if elected.



“NLC and TUC leaders have known since November of last year that subsidies will be eliminated as of July 1, as there is no provision in the budget for them beyond this date.


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“The Federal Government, which already devotes 96% of its revenue to debt service, is in no position to continue selling subsidised fuel, the majority of which is smuggled across our borders for criminal and obscenely unpatriotic gain.”



Onanuga explained further that fuel subsidies are no longer viable because the FG is virtually bankrupt. In addition to its N77 trillion debt, the federal government owed the NNPC Limited approximately N2.4 trillion for past subsidies, according to him.


“The Nigerian people and workers must support the government as it implements new wages and other measures, as promised by President Tinubu, to mitigate the effects of the new fuel price.

“Let’s not play chess with the politically biassed and corrupt NLC and TUC. Ajaero is no more a labour leader. He is the leader of the Labour Party and a politician. He no longer speaks for all Nigerian workers,” he added.



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