Oyedepo’s son unveils ministry, gets father’s blessings


Bishop Oyedepo’s Son, , Launches Evangelistic

Isaac Oyedepo, the son of , the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as Winners Chapel, has officially unveiled his ministry, the Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries.

This revelation was made in a YouTube video titled “Unveiling of the Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries,” shared on his social media platform on Tuesday.


In the video, Bishop Oyedepo addressed what seemed to be members of the newly launched ministry.

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In his message, the revered bishop offered guidance to his son, urging him not to discredit or undermine any ministry while carrying out his ministerial duties.


He stressed the importance of humility and cautioned against maligning other ministries.

Addressing Isaac, Bishop Oyedepo emphasized the significance of divine timing and cautioned against fostering negative remarks about other ministries. He shared an anecdote of intervening in the past when a testimony was given that disparaged other ministries.


He continued by advising his son not to follow the trend of some younger ministers who adopt an ego-centric approach, believing themselves to be the sole essence of their ministries.

The touching moment culminated as Isaac and his wife, Ayomitide, were called up to the altar, where Isaac knelt before his father to receive blessings for his new venture.

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Bishop Oyedepo, while laying hands on Isaac, prayed for an extraordinary grace that would sustain his mission, emphasizing the importance of impactful ministry rather than mere preaching.

He also invoked blessings for humility, financial sufficiency without seeking external support, and a life that reflects the essence of his message.


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Prior to this announcement, Isaac addressed speculations regarding his status within the church and his relationship with his father.


He reiterated his commitment to the church and urged the public to be discerning regarding information not communicated through his official social media channels.

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