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Panama’s ex-President Martinelli jailed 10 years for corruption


A Panamanian court has handed down a sentence of over 10 years in prison to former President Ricardo Martinelli for engaging in money laundering.

As reported by Voice of America, the announcement was made by the country’s attorney general’s office on Tuesday.

The attorney general’s office has revealed that the case involving Mr. Ricardo Martinelli, referred to as “new business,” originated in 2017 when they received information implicating the former president in financial crimes related to the acquisition of a news outlet.


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During a news conference, Mr. Martinelli’s lawyer, Carlos Carrillo, stated that the defense would appeal the sentence and explore all available legal options.

Mr. Carrillo emphasized that Mr. Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal’s candidacy remains strong, as there is sufficient time to challenge the verdict, allowing him to remain eligible for the upcoming presidential election in 2024.


According to the report, the court also imposed a $19.2 million fine on Mr. Martinelli. Last month, Mr. Martinelli, who founded the Realizando Metas party two years ago, became the first official candidate for Panama’s 2024 presidential election.

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Luis Camacho, the former president’s spokesperson, stated that their team would thoroughly analyze what they perceive as a legal assault on Mr. Martinelli.

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